Can The Xbox Scorpio Outperform the PS4?!


It’s not Impossible

Unless your living under a rock you have probably heard about the xbox scorpio rumors and the PS4 neo rumors. Apparently these new console’s will be much more powerful then the original 8th gen consoles. Some people hate the idea of a “new” console mid gen but I personally think it’s a brilliant idea because the xbox and ps4 were extremely under-powered when they launched. That being said the xbox one scorpio is said to be more powerful then the ps4 neo this isn’t confirmed so take this as a grain of salt. Anyways I am excited to see what the future has for us in terms of gaming. If the xbox one scorpio really is more poweful then the ps4 neo then it might just outsell it. Who knows?!




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  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    MAAAAAAAN…….. I am not sure how I feel about this console garbage anyways. They should have charged a bit more in the beginning and made them both more powerful.

    How the heck is M$ going to launch a newer console without even showing/sharing their cloud based tech…? Ha! Oh yeah that is right….blowing smoke in the clouds is what it was all about.


  2. Eddie says:

    This is gonna be like PS2 VS Xbox, software will always beat hardware. Sony will always be number 1, they’re a hardware and movie company compared to Microsoft being a software company.


  3. glen a k says:

    ok the media says that the ps4 k is a bad idea. then they say that the xbox one scorpio is a good idea i can tell that the media is so bias its sickening they are so mad that microsoft is losing this cycle of console wars. in sonys case they are upgrading the ps4 so it can display 4k images but not play 4k games. no console will ever play 4k games. but i know the media will help microsoft LIE say the xbox scorpio can. the xbox one is worst console ever made it is complete trash it is really a big mistake. when the ps3 and the xbox360 launched nvidia showed microsoft what sony was doing and so microsoft made their gpu just a little bit better so game companys could use it better than sonys propritery chip. game developers used PC type API to develop games for the xbox 360. so sony learn its lesson from that console generation. then they built the PS4 with pc style components, also they they went to AMD CHIPS and microsoft did not know how their system was set up so they could not copy now sony is bringing out the PS4.5 and it will still only cost 400dollars . microsoft is bring out the xbox one scorpio because they need a new console , and it cost about 500 or more and will be come out in late 2017. now they are trying to make the xbox scorpio so powerful that it will totally outdo the ps4k. but here is the problem the more powerful you make thing the more it will cost. microsoft console divsion is run by stupid greedy people who know nothing about creating great games and consoles all they think about is money they tried to do what apple is doing buy charging people to play games by making it online only. now they want you to buy a uber crappy upgrade model


  4. ocguy72 says:

    maybe yes…maybe no


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