Mighty no.9?! More Like Disaster no.9


A Complete Disaster.

Mighty no.9 or Mighty no delayed whatever you want to call it finally has a release. That’s great. we’ve only been waiting 2 years but whatever. The new “matsterclass” trailer was recently released and damn was it awful. I am sure in the end the game will be a blast but the graphics look awful. like literally AWFUL. It looks like an early 3d ps2 game and that’s a fact. I am actually quite sad because I have been waiting for this game for an extremely long time. The game has been delayed so much that fans just don’t care about this game anymore. I will still definitely pick it up when it comes out and review it but for know I am disappointed. The concept art looked incredible but in the end we got this. What happened to that 4M?!

It Doesn’t End There

Now lets talk about the trailer itself….yes the trailer was godawful. Probably the worst trailer I have ever seen (maybe not..it’s not as bad as the infinite warfare trailer) But yeah seriously is 2016 the year of horrible trailers?! The jokes in the trailer were so bad. This one particular joke received a lot of hate from fans. The joke was “Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night” Like wow contradicting much?!  The game is literally an anime side scrolling platformer with a robot trying to save the world. The joke didn’t annoy me but I can understand why fans are angry. And also those explosions…UGH what the hell happened???!. Anyways that’s my rant over. Mighty no 9 has been confirmed for june 21st. Pre-order here – https://goo.gl/pLzAE0


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