Overwatch Review (PC,PS4,Xbox One)



Overwatch looks beautiful. The art style in Overwatch is incredibly good. It is unique and different in a good way. The maps are beautifully designed and each and every character has an alluring designed. Characters like Reaper and Tracer have a badass design. That being said Overwatch isn’t the best looking fps shooter. The game looks amazing but in my opinion it’s not the best. Overall I love the graphic’s in Overawatch. Like they say blizzard never fails. 87/100


The soundtrack in Overwatch is great. I love the music style in this game. It’s gives me that cartoon vibe. Each and every map has a different tune and that’s a good thing. Most of the tunes sound great and others sound meh. Overall I like the soundtrack in Overwatch. It’s not amazing but it’s not good either. It’s great. Great is the best word to describe the music in this game. 84/100


The gameplay in Overwatch is perfect..literally perfect. Like it’s brilliant. Every time I play this game I end up playing for hours upon hours. And don’t you dare call this game a moba or don’t you dare compare this game to battleborn. Overwatch is a brilliant game and it’s extremely fun. Playing online is a blast and trying out different characters can be fun. The game also has a variety of different characters and that’s a good thing. Each and every character is different and unique. Overall Overwatch is a brilliant game and looks like we finally have a successor to team fortress 2. If only there were more team based fps shooters. 100/100


The controls in Overwatch are outstanding. This game is definitely one of the most funnest and easiest fps shooters of this generation. The controls are literally so easy to pick up. I for one suck at fps shooters. I always seem to die every second in fps shooters but when I play Overwatch I have that feeling of victory. here is a quick example. “your school class have a race every Tuesday and every Tuesday you come last but one day they introduce a new sport….let’s say hockey and your actually pretty good at it and you don’t feel useless”  That’s the way I feel with Overwatch and I am guessing I am not only one too. Overall the control’s in Overwatch are brilliant. 95/100


All in all overwatch is a great game. It’s extremely fun and crazy and it never gets boring no matter how much you play it. Blizzard has once again created a fantastic game. But like they say no game is perfect. The content in overwatch is bad…like street fighter V bad..no maybe even worse. Like come just an online mode?! I have never been a big fan of online game’s only and it really bugged me when Overwatch was announced to be an online only game with no freaking campaign. Yes you heard me no CAMPAIGN!!!! Like come on. Overwatch is set at a high price tag for extremely little content and that annoys me. Now if your a PC player the price is a little bit more affordable but if your a console player then be prepared to pay $60 for this game. Overall Overwatch is a great game and if it had more content it would have been a GotY contender in my opinion. 35/100

The Good

  • A great mix of different heroes
  • Fantastic Controls
  • Hectic,Fun Gameplay

The Bad

  • Extreme lack of Content

Verdict = 80% = An extremely fun Multiplayer Game that can last you Hours upon Hours of Fun but suffers from an extreme lack of content.


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