Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Review (PS4)



Valkyria Chronicles looks stunning on the ps4 and the game has definitely come a long way heck you can even compare this version to the PC version. Valkyria Chronicles runs at a steady 60fps and it runs at a glorious 1080p. This game is definitely one of the best looking jrpgs. The game also has an extremely unique art style. Some people may hate this art style and some people may love this art style. Personally I love the art style in this game. Overall the graphics are superb. 88/100



In 1935 C.E., the continent of Europa is dominated by two superpowers: The autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance in the east and a commonwealth of loosely allied democracies known as the Atlantic Federation in the west.[8] The economies of both powers depend on a precious multipurpose mineral called Ragnite. Its growing scarcity results in the Empire declaring war on the Federation, sparking the Second Europan War.[9] The Empire uses its military superiority to quickly put the Federation on the defensive. Emboldened by their progress and momentum, the Empire decides to invade the neutral Principality of Gallia to seize its rich Ragnite deposits.

When Imperial forces launch an attack on the Gallian border town of Bruhl, Welkin Gunther, son of the country’s hero General Belgen Gunther, is forced to fight for his life alongside the town watch captain, Alicia Melchiott. Together with Welkin’s adopted sister Isara and using Belgen’s prototype tank from the first war, the Edelweiss, they escape to the capital city of Randgriz and join the Gallian militia. Welkin is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assumes command of the newly formed Squad 7, with Alicia acting as his non-commissioned officer. Members of the squad initially question Welkin’s qualifications due to a lack of combat experience. He quickly gains their trust and loyalty, however, with his brilliant tactics. Welkin and Alicia soon become romantically engaged, and Isara is shot and killed by an imperial sniper.

After Squad 7 wages a successful campaign against Imperial forces, the crown prince Maximilian deploys one of his commanders, Selvaria Bles, a rare descendant of the Valkyrians who are believed to have saved the ancient world from the Darcsen race. Using innate magic powers and equipped with a legendary Ragnite lance and shield, Selvaria destroys the Gallian army. Alicia is shot by Welkin’s archaeologist colleague Faldio Landzaat to awaken her own latent Valkyrian powers. Alicia is able to drive Selvaria back, allowing the Gallians to advance to the border. At the cost of her own life, Selvaria uses the “final flame” after the capture of the Ghirlandaio fortress, killing the entire core of Gallian military and leaving only the militia, such as Squad 7, remaining. 94/100



The music in Valkyria chronicles is fantastic. Each and every track sounds great. The soundtrack reminds me of your typical adventure action jrpg and it gives me that dragon quest feel. I am not a big fan of the battle theme to be honest. The battle theme doesn’t have that jrpg feel but other than that the music is fantastic. 89/100


This is going to be quick,nice and short. The cinematics in Valkyria Chronicles are nothing but amazing. The game produces fantastic cinematics with it’s beautiful art style. The art style makes me enjoy the cinematics even more. Overall the Cinematics were fantastic. 90/100


The control’s in Valkyria Chronicles are great. If you played the original on the ps3 then you will be very familiar with the control’s in this game. Overall the controls are great and they create a wonderful experience. 80/100


Valkyria Chronicles is filled with content. The game has a brilliant story with brilliant characters and  it has a fantastic art style with glorious music. The game runs at a sweet 60 frames per second and it has a story that can take you days. If only games today were this long. Valkyria Chronicles alone already has a lot of content but in this glorious remastered version we get all dlc packs as well. Overall Valkyria Chronicles has a lot of content. 96/100


Valkyria chronicles is a brilliant game and it was the best tactical rpg/jrpg of last generation in my opinion. If you haven’t played this gem of a game I recommend you get it right now because this game is a must play. The game has beautiful, likeable characters and the gameplay is so refreshing. Usually with jrpgs you get bored after playing for an extremely long time but with this game I just want to keep on playing and playing. A brilliant game overall. 95/100

The Good

  • Beautiful Art Style
  • Fantastic Music
  • Brilliant Story
  • Filled with Content
  • Fantastic Gameplay

The Bad

  • None


 Verdict = 90% = A Must Play If You Haven’t Played The Original.




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