DOOM Review (PS4,Xbox One,PC)


I have been waiting for a new DOOM Game since DOOM 3 and when this game was announced I couldn’t believe my eyes as I thought DOOM 3 would be the last and final Doom Game. Anyways lets talk about the graphics. The Graphics in this new DOOM Reboot looks spectacular. It’s always nice to play a good fps game with nice graphics. The majority of gamers say graphic’s don’t matter but in my opinion they do matter. Nobody wants to play an ugly looking game.

The maps in DOOM are beautifully designed especially if your playing it on a PC. Overall DOOM is a beautiful looking game and it’s one of the best looking fps shooters to date. 92/100


Now lets talk about the music. To be honest I am not a big fan of the music. It doesn’t get me hyped like the past doom games and the music is very forgetful. I felt they tried to make the game more daunting but I didn’t work in my opinion. DOOM is gory enough the music in the game doesn’t make the game more spine chilling. That being said the music isn’t the worst and to be honest the music is better then most games in this genre but overall I didn’t like it. 68/100


The reboot has been stated to be an origin story.[18] The game is set on Mars, with a UAC facility being invaded by the forces of Hell.[1] The demons have been constructed through corrupt UAC experiments.[19] The game starts as an unknown man chained to an altar, awakens in a UAC basement on Mars, and realizes that something is amiss, escapes imprisionment and gains his Praetor Suit. Making his way across the Martian surface, he enters an industrial building that houses a satellite. After re-aligning the dish array, he hopes to learn the source of the demonic invasion, and preps himself to stop it. 

The story in Doom was great. If you like gory video games then you will be pleased with doom. As they say a delayed game is better then a rushed game. 83/100


Doom in my opinion is the best fps shooter this generation. The game is a very classical fps shooter and it stays true to it’s predecessor. Doom runs at a consistent 60fps and it’s a very fast paced game. Playing doom has never been easier and it definitely is easier then some of the other fps shooters. If your good fps games then this game should be easy to pick up but if you suck at fps games then this game will be a massive chore for you. Doom is a really fast game and everything happens very quick so you will always have to be on the watch. This game is the definition of a fps shooter and I wish fps shooters were more like this. If you love fps shooters then pick this game up. It’s brilliant. 100/100


Doom can go either way. For some players it can be a really small game and to other players it can be an extremely fun multiplayer game with a short campaign. The amount of hours DOOM lasts really depends on you. That being said I am going to judge the content based on my experience with the game so far. Doom has a great campaign and it will definitely give you the chills. Personally I loved the campaign and I would play it again and again. The game also has an extremely fun multiplayer mode which can be hectic. The multiplayer mode literally drains me for a couple of hours because it’s that fun. Overall I enjoyed doom but if you want a game with a massive story then this game definitely isn’t for you. If you want to play the campaign in doom but don’t want to play online I recommend you rent this game. 76/100


The controls in Doom are near perfect. Killing opponents has never been easier. The game is a very fast paced game so I recommend you become friends with the control’s quickly. In my  opinion the motto in this game is “Kill or be Killed” 98/100

The Good

  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Brilliant Controls
  • Outstanding Gameplay
  • Gorefest Campaign

The Bad

  • Mediocre Music

Verdict = 86% = The Best FPS Shooter Of This Generation So Far.





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