Table Top Racing: World Tour Review


I thought the graphics in this game were very mediocre and plain. The game doesn’t take advantage of the ps4 power I don’t even think the game uses half of the ps4 power. That being said the graphic’s aren’t an eye sore. What makes thing’s worse is the courses are terribly designed. If you thought this was going to be the next rocket league then guess again. 55/100


I don’t think this game has any redeeming qualities. The game has mediocre plain graphics and it has an extremely bad soundtrack?! game of the year anyone?! This game has an appalling soundtrack and i am not saying bad things about this game because it’s an indie I am simply speaking the truth. The soundtrack is un-creative, boring and forgettable. 17/100 


The control’s in this mediocre want to be mario kart game are awful. Like i am telling you they are terrible with the capital T. The controls are so bad that I just stopped playing. The control’s creates a horrible experience. This game doesn’t deserve to be in the racing game genre. 0/100


Damn they should create an award for “worst game of the year” just for this game. I have never played a game so bad. I hate this game so much I just want to get and burn and wipe if from existence. This game doesn’t deserve to be a game. The gameplay is horrendous. The races are quick,boring and easy. The power up’s are an unwelcoming addition  to this game that wasn’t needed. The game tried so hard to be mario kart but FAILED ultimately. 4/100 


This game offers you thrill for like 5min. After those 5 min you will have the urge to delete this game. The game has horrible online races. The races are so short and they are so easy. But to be honest now I know why this game has horrible controls. To make the game harder. To make the game more frustrating, to annoy the person playing the game. Well good job I’am annoyed. The game has different modes and cars are ridiculously expensive. Also why add dlc for an awful game. This game will be one of those games to leave a 1% in your trophy section. Don’t download this game. It’s not worth your bandwidth. 20/100 

Verdict = 96/500 = 19% = NG = Nauseating



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  1. Stig says:

    Can’t find myself in any of your horrific comments. I think you’re exaggerating your critique on this game. It’s quite a lot of fun if you’re up for some simple arcade racing. It’s also one of the easiest platinum trophies I’ve ever encountered.
    So yeah, it’s free on PS+ now, definitely worth a try.


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