Battleborn Review (PS4,Xbox One,PC)


Battleborn looks and plays great. The graphic’s in this game aren’t outstanding but they do look nice. The maps are also designed nicely. The character designs aren’t great. When compared to overwatch this game falls short when it comes to designs. I can’t think of a single character in this game that has an outstanding design. The artstyle in this game isn’t great either I really think gearbox should have used the comic book artystyle for this game because i am really not digging the artstyle in this game. Overall the graphics are nice and polished and it shouldn’t disappoint you. 81/100 


The Music in Battleborn is very mediocre. The prologue cinematic had a very cool catchy tune but every thing else is disappointing. If your buying this game expecting a good soundtrack i would recommend you don’t get your hopes up as the soundtrack isn’t great. But who knows you might like it. Just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean it won’t fill yours. 58/100


The Algorithm

ISIC has seized control of Fort Ocoban – an old UPR mining colony on the ice moon of Bliss – where he plans to strike the killing blow against the cosmos, and free all sentient life from the cruel mockery they call existence. To do this, he’ll need Ocoban’s considerable energy reserves to process the Algorithm: a program that ISIC believes can crash the universe itself.

The Void’s Edge

Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss.

The Renegade

Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!
The Archive

Tree-hugging fun for lovers of literacy in the burning jungles of Ekkunar.

The Sentinel

What universe would be complete without at least two super-weapons? Stop this one on Ekkunar before bad things happen. 

The Experiment

Who says dwarves aren’t smart? Help Boldur reserach “all the things” at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar. 

The Saboteur

Team up with a special away-team guest on Tempest as you help Rendain further refine his tastes. 

The Heliophage

Fight for the Universe as you confront Rendain on Tempest. 

Overall the story was bland. Sure it had a bunch of cool missions and it had a pretty tough mission but overall it was bland and repetitive. But hey at least it has a campaign unlike overwatch. 69/100


Battleborn lacks a lot of content. Sure the game has a variety of different characters but characters isn’t enough. If you were expecting this to be the spiritual successor to borderlands then guess again. The game has aweak story with tedious missions but it does have a fun crazy online mode which you will surely enjoy if you get the hand of it. 50/100


Battleborn is a very fun game if you can get past the passable story. The game’s control’s are great but they can be extremely confusing. it’s best to actually play through the tutorial in this game because if your new to moba’s then you’ll be lost. 85/100


Battleborn is an extremely fun game and it mixes the elements of moba and fps very well. The game does lean more on the moba side so if your new to moba’s then I recommend doing the tutorial. The game is fun but sometimes it can get way to jam packed and it can become a messy eyesore because of the amount of people shooting lasers and blasters and this will most likely confuse the average gamer. The game isn’t simple like overwatch and it can be complicating but don’t let that deceive you. Practice is the key word in this review. Like they say practice makes better. It’s really simple. Learn to play battleborn and you will have the time of your life. 90/100

The Good

  • Fun Multiplayer
  • Fantastic Heroes
  • Great Maps

Battleborn has a great mix of heroes and if you enjoy moba’s you will enjoy this game. If you love fps shooters and hate moba’s with a burning passion then I recommend staying far,far away from this game as you will not enjoy this AT ALL. 

The Bad

  • Mediocre Story
  • Mediocre Music
  • Lack of Content
  • Tedious Missions 

If your playing Battleborn for the campaign then please don’t even think about wasting $60 on this game as you will cry for hours. 

Verdict = 433/600 = 72% = A Fun Online Multiplayer Game but with lack of content,Bland Story, and a truly unforgettable Soundtrack 


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