Ratchet and Clank PS4 Review


The graphic’s in this game are out of this world like DAMN I never knew insomniac had it in them. This is best looking platformer to date like Holy Moly the graphic’s are that good it looks like a freaking movie. The textures are glorious, the cut-scenes are marvelous like wow. You out did yourselves Insomniac. Well done.  


The music in this game is a work of art. Like seriously the music is a burst if nostalgia. The ratchet and clank series really went downhill after a crack in time but this game brings it back up. The music overall is brilliant and you will love it. 


The story began on a backwater planet in the Solana galaxy, known as Veldin, where a young Lombax named Ratchet was adding the finishing touches to his new space ship. Upon checking if there was anything else he needed to complete the ship via theGadgetron HelpDesk, he discovered that he needed a robotic ignition system, a special way for certain robots to start up a ship. Without one, he would never be able to fly his ship.

Meanwhile, at a robot manufacturing plant elsewhere in the galaxy, a robot creating Sentry-bots malfunctioned and accidentally created a small, inferior robot, XJ-0461. Upon watching an Infobot‘s prerecorded message revealing Chairman Drek’s plans to create a new planet by harvesting parts of other planets in the galaxy, he fled Quartu. Electroids followed him in their own ships, however, and he was shot down over Veldin. Ratchet was surprised when Clank streaked through the sky and crashed somewhere out in the Kyzil Plateau. Bewildered, Ratchet began to investigate. 


This game is literally a blast to the past so that you insomniac for remaking the original ratchet and clank with these magnificent graphics because this game is perfection. The game is extremely fun it’s almost criminal. Beautiful graphics,amazing story and brilliant characters. This game turns the old and forgotten into something brand new. The game also has outstanding boss battles and levels. Truly amazing, one of the best games of this year so far. 


This game is the closest thing to a playable pixar. The cinematic’s are stunning it looks exactly like the movie. Ratchet also has a beautiful skin texture. This game is proof platformer’s are still alive and can evolve to be on par with current games. 


The control’s in ratchet and clank are flawless this game probably has the best control’s out of any game this generation. The control’s are nice and easy to understand. Truly fantastic. 


To be honest i don’t think i have ever seen a platformer with a lot of content and unfortunately ratchet and clank fails to impress when it comes to content. That being said the story can take up to 13hrs and the levels are magnificently designed and it can be extremely fun to get trophies in this game. That being said  this game will leave an unforgettable memory in your brain.  And the game is only $40. BUY THIS GAME NOW!!. 

Verdict = 95% = The Best Platformer of This Year By Far. BUY THIS GAME!!


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