Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth PS4 Review


Graphic wise i wasn’t expecting much from this game. This game isn’t the next quantum break or metal gear solid graphic wise but that’s to be expected from a game from the niche genre. The graphic’s in the game aren’t bad but there not great either. Overall I like the graphic’s i am not disgusted by the graphic’s but at the same time I am not wowed my graphics. In my opinion the graphic’s are just “good”. 


Players assume the role of either Takumi Aiba (相羽 タクミ Aiba Takumi?) or Ami Aiba (相羽 アミ Aiba Ami?), male and female Japanese amateur hackers. They receive a device called a Digimon Capture from a mysterious stranger in a chat room which allows them to capture and befriend Digimon, creatures who inhabit a next-generation version of the internet called Cyberspace Eden which users can physically enter. After traveling to the lowest levels of Eden, they are attacked by a data-based entity called an “Eater” who leaves their bodies half-digitized, and find that they can now freely travel between the real world and the virtual world via terminals. They are approached by a woman named Kyoko Kuremi, head of the Kuremi Detective Agency, who recruits them as part of their cyber division. 


The control’s in digimon cyber sleuth are great. The turn based rpg style isn’t hard to understand and beating enemies with your digimon’s can be rewarding. 


The gameplay isn’t out of this world like it’s a classical turn based game and while the game does have an interesting story turn based games these day’s are just old fashion and out of date. The fun part about this game is collecting digimon’s and using them to battle. Overall the gameplay in the game is good but turn based games are really becoming stale. 


Jrpg’s are known for fantastic music the music in this game is pretty good but when you compare it to other jrpg’s this game takes the short end of the stick. I was expecting this game to have magnificent music but in the end I was slightly disappointed. That being said the battle theme sounds fantastic and Jimmy KEN’s theme is brilliantly done too.


The anime cut-scenes are different. The style for these cut-scenes are very different but at the same time I like the style for the cut-scenes because of how different they are. The cinematic’s aren’t GODLY but they do look pretty that for sure. 


Turn based jrpg’s may be getting old and stale but I grew up with turn based jrpg’s so I can never actually hate on one. The thing I love about jrpg’s is there jam packed with content. The game has an appealing story, pleasing cinematic’s and fine graphics what more do I need?! The story can take up to 40hrs but if your a trophy hunter the game can take up to 100 hours. 


Verdict = 80% = A Great Turn Based JRPG With A Lot Of Content. 


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