Senran Kagura Estival Versus PS4 Review


The graphics in Senran Kagura Estival Versus are very outdated but at the same they are very polished. The graphic’s look nice and clean but It doesn’t use the full power of the ps4. I don’t know why a lot of niche games have outdated graphics. Overall the graphic’s are clean but they could have been better. 70/100 


The music in senran kagura estival versus is mediocre at the very best. The good thing about niche games is they always have great music unfortunately senran kagura fails to wow me when it comes to the music. The music is very forgetful and generic. The music doesn’t give me that hype feeling or it doesn’t make me want to play the game even more. 60/100


The cinematics in senran kagura  estival versus are pretty good. The transformation animation’s are very appealing but the game is drowned with fan-service which annoys me. Your going to have does people who love fan – service and your going to have does people who hate fan-service. And you know a little bit  of fan-service isn’t bad because let’s be honest almost every anime/ anime game have a bit of fan-service but  this game goes way over the top and it sacrifices a lot just make sure the fan-service is top notch. 77/100


The gameplay in this game is pretty bad if you ask me. The transformation animations look solid and graphic’s look polished but the gameplay is just so bad. The game is your typical hack and slash game but with a LOT of fan-service. The game is very very repetitive. The game plays like a visual novel which isn’t a bad thing. The game sacrifices gameplay for fan-service which is sad. Enjoying this game is a very hard task because it can be very irritating playing the game because the game is literally drowned to death with fan-service and you know this game had potential but instead it chose the fan-service route which is sad. 25/100


The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and so it is with the lives of young shinobi. Death comes swiftly — for the lucky ones — and, for those still living, grief is a constant companion. Ryōbi and Ryōna, two shinobi sisters of the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy elite, know that truth all too well, and they mourn their beloved elder sister every day. 

But, when a mystical phenomenon appears, drawing the shinobi world’s finest young ladies into a parallel dimension, everything they know about life and death turns upside down. Taken to a strange world resembling a warm summer island, the girls find themselves face to face with their departed loved ones. 

The island’s mysterious mistresses challenge the girls, who hail from four rival schools, to a contest of strength and wits. The winning school, she promises, will not only learn the highest secrets of shinobi lore, but will also have the honour of laying their loved ones’ souls to rest. 

The buxom beauties prepare for a new kind of battle, facing not only their rivals, but questions galore. Can the island’s hosts be trusted? Will the other schools play fair, team up, or cheat? Will there be time to enjoy the beach before the fighting starts? Will anyone manage to keep their clothes intact? And… if they win, can they bear to be parted from their loved ones a second time? 55/100


The control’s are good but mashing the same buttons can be repetitive but overall the control’s are fine. The game is a hack and slash game so killing enemies shouldn’t be a task. Overall the control’s are just right. 75/100


Senran Kagura Estival Versus has a variety of different modes. The game has a longish story. The story will take you about 34-36 hours. don’t expect a fantastic story because you will be disappointed. Other modes such as the versus mode can be fun especially with friends. 74/100

Verdict – 436/700 = 62% = D = Poor




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