Minecraft Story Mode Review PS4


The graphics in this game is brilliant for a telltale game and you can really tell telltale put a lot of effort into the graphics in this game. The graphics in this game is definitely some of the best telltale has produced. Character textures look beautiful and overall I really like the graphics in this game so bravo telltale. 94/100


The music in minecraft story mode is dreadful. Sure there are some nice tunes but the game is filled with horrible tracks that make me want to hurl. The normal sandbox minecraft had beautiful,peaceful music so I was extremely disappointed with the music in this game. 48/100


The control’s in minecraft story mode aren’t good at all. The controls in minecraft story mode is shameful disaster. Fighting enemies can be very awkward and if you compare this game to the wolf among us,the walking dead, or tales of borderlands then you will know how bad this game is compared to those games. 50/100 



Young builder Jesse, their friends Olivia and Axel and their pet pig Reuben go to the Endercon building competetion, which they lose every year to rival team the Ocelots. Despite this, they manage to bulid an impressive contraption (determined by the player) which Ocelot member Aiden, who hates Jesse, angrily sabotages, scaring off Reuben. Jesse goes after him and the two are saved from mobs by their friend Petra, who convinces Jesse to help her in a business deal selling a Wither skull for a diamond.

Back at the competition (which the group either wins or loses depending on whether or not Jesse’s friends followed them), the deal goes bad when Ivor, the man Petra sells the skull to, rips her off and flees. Unable to get into the building he ran into, the group, joined by sympathetic Ocelot leader Lukas, create a distraction allowing them to sneak in. Following Ivor into an underground laboratory, they discover that he’s making a Wither Storm, an incredibly dangerous creature, but are unable to stop him. The creature attacks the event and targets Gabriel, a member of the legendary Order of the Stone, whom Ivor seems to know. Unfortunately, Ivor loses control of the beast, who destroys the town, forcing the group to escape into the dangerous Nether, losing Petra and Gabriel in the process.

Following an amulet Gabriel gave Jesse, the group makes it to a temple that served as the Order’s headquarters. Using a machine powered by the amulet, Jesse pinpoints the locations of two of the three remaining members, Magnus and Ellegaard, and chooses to either go after Magnus with Axel or Ellegaard with Olivia. After successfully getting the member to join them, they return to discover that the other friend has subsequently retrieved the other member and are reunited with either Petra or Gabriel (depending on who Jesse tried to save), who is now very sick. Returning to the machine, they discover that it now shows the location of the last, long thought lost member, Soren, as well as Ivor, who was once an unknown member, heading toward him. 33/100


The game has 5 measly episodes and every single episode in this game is extremely boring and it can be a pain to playthrough because of the hideous characters. The characters in this game are awful it would be much better if the characters didn’t exist. Each episode takes an hour. It’s not like the episodes are good. Basically the story is 5-6hrs and on top of that the episodes are dull, the characters are dreadful and the gameplay isn’t AMAZING either. Yep perfect game. 30/100 


The second “good” thing about this lousy game. The cinematic’s. The cinematic’s are on point they look beautiful on my HD TV. The graphic’s in this game make the cinematic’s look nicer so kudos to you telltale. 80/100


The game is mediocre at best. There are some fun moments i’ll give it that but the horrible control’s creates an awful experience and the tedious fight’s can be annoying. I feel they put in more effort into the walking dead than this mess. If you like telltale games i recommend you stay away from this game. If you like minecraft stay away from this game too. This game is poor spin-off of minecraft and Telltale have so much better games. If your looking for an interactive cinematic game i recommend the walking dead or the wolf among us. 49/100

Verdict = 384/700 = 55% = D = Poor



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