Tom Clancy: The Division PC Review


The graphics on the division look fantastic. In my opinion  the graphics look much better than Tom clancy rainbow six siege. The game really looks great on The PC. The textures are also beautiful and the open world is beautifully designed. Overall the graphics in the division look amazing. 89/100


The music in the division is good and it’s better than most games music in this genre. I really liked the music for some reason I thought the music would be garbage like most games in this genre but I actually thought it was good which surprises me. The music in the game reminds me of something mysterious and overall the music in the division is pretty good. 75/100


The gameplay in the division is pleasing but lacking. The game is very fun and it’s very addictive but that’s only for a couple of hours. The game has a nice touch of rpg elements which is nice. Grinding for loot can be fun but  annoying most of the time and the game is very repetitive which can be annoying as well. The game can also be very frustrating. Overall the division is fun at times with cool rpg elements but it can be very repetitive, boring and tedious and it can be very unexciting at times. 64/100


The division is a very addicting and fun game and can last for countless hours but can get very repetitive and tedious very quickly. The game has a decent story you know nothing exciting and a fun multiplayer. The game can be a bit grindy which is fine but frustrating. PvP can be fun but like i said it can be repetitive. The Dark Zone is cool but it can be repetitive (your probably getting sick of this word) and overall the division has a nice mix of content and if you love the shooting game genre then you will be satisfied with the content in this game. 75/100


On Black Friday, a smallpox pandemic, transmitted by a virus planted onto banknotes, sweeps through New York City. The disease, called “Green Poison” and “The Dollar Flu”, causes widespread chaos, and Manhattan is placed under quarantine. The U.S. Government activates sleeper agents in the population who operate for the Strategic Homeland Division, or simply “The Division”, to assist emergency responders, now called the Joint Task Force (JTF), in restoring order. In Brooklyn, the protagonist, a Division agent, assists the JTF before planning to depart for the Quarantine zone with fellow agent Faye Lau. However, the VTOLmeant to take them there is destroyed in an explosion, killing the Division Commander and wounding Lau. Arriving in a JTF helicopter instead, the Division agents reclaim the James A. Farley Post Office Building as their base of operations. From there, the agents undertake assignments to rescue important personnel, help in restoring the base of operations to full working capacity and combat criminal groups, such as the Rioters, common street thugs in New York who generally want to take advantage of the quarantine, the Rikers, escapees from Rikers Island, and the Cleaners, insane New York Sanitation workers who wield flamethrowers and believe everyone is infected. In the due course of the game, the agent helps rescue important personnel like Dr. Jessica Kandel, Captain Roy Benitez and Paul Rhodes. These personnel head the Medical, Security and Tech wings of the base of operations respectively. Agents also recover a sample of Green Poison. Studying the sample reveals the virus was manufactured and then modified heavily by a controversial biologist named Gordon Amherst.

Eventually, the agents find footage of Division agent Aaron Keener going rogue and killing other agents. 67/100


The control’s in The division are great. The game is also very easy to get into and if your a pro at call of duty you will probably be good at this game considering most games in this genre are pretty easy to get into. Overall the control’s in the division are great. 85/100


The cinematic’s look great but they are not as good as other games this generation but still the cinematic’s are very well polished and look good. Overall the cinematic’s are simple and slick. 80/100



Verdict = 537/700 = 77% = C+ = Good 





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