Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PS4 Review



Sleeping dogs’s didn’t really need a remaster but still it’s nice we get to play some of last gens best again on the newer consoles. That being said the graphics haven’t improved much. The game looks pretty but there isn’t a big improvement. The character textures look pretty bland to be honest but the cities look beautiful and well polished. 79/100


The music in sleeping dogs is great. I love the music on the title screen and i also admire the music that plays in the car. Overall sleeping dogs has great modern music and you won’t be disappointed with soundtrack. 82/100


The game begins in Victoria Harbour, where Wei Shen is arrested after a drug deal goes wrong. In jail, Shen meets an old friend, Jackie Ma, who offers to introduce Shen to the members of a Triad gang once they are released. It is later revealed that Shen’s arrest was part of a police operation, headed by Superintendent Thomas Pendrew and Raymond Mak, to infiltrate the Water Street branch of a criminal organization, the ‘Sun On Yee’ Triad gang. Shen joins the gang and is sent on various assignments by the leader, Winston Chu, against a rival branch known as the Jade Gang led by Sam “Dogeyes” Lin.

Retaliatory attacks on each other’s properties culminate in the killing of Winston and his fiancée at their wedding by 18K gang members. The group leader of the Sun On Yee Triads, David Wai-Lin “Uncle” Po, is also critically wounded in the attack but is saved by Shen. As a reward, Shen is promoted to leader of the Water Street branch and hunts down Winston’s killer who reveals that Dogeyes was the instigator of the attack. Shen then captures Dogeyes who is killed by Winston’s mother. Po later dies in the hospital. 85/100


Sleeping dog’s is an open world action adventure sand box game and let me tell you something this game was one of the best games I played last gen and when this game got a new and improved definitive edition i was over the moon. The gameplay in this game is phenomenal. I always spend countless hours on sleeping dogs without realizing. The missions are very fun to do and they are well polished. The main character is a bad-ass, the combat system is incredible and overall the gameplay in this game is world class. 98/100


The control’s in sleeping dog’s is great. The combat system is incredible and controlling your character is extremely easy. The game isn’t complicated and once you play the game you will immediately know what to do. 80/100


The cinematic’s in sleeping dogs is good but in this definitive edition the cinematic’s are great. The thing is I still get that last gen feel when I look at the cinematic’s for some reason maybe I am the only one but anyways the cinematic’s are great and the cinematic’s look great too. 81/100


Sleeping dogs has a small amount of content that can last forever. The missions are small but fun but this definitive edition includes all of the dlc so if you haven’t played the game before this game is a good place to start. Exploring the large open world can be incredibly fun. Beating up people or stealing cars can be so fun you end up playing for 5hrs. This game is smashing and hopefully they make a second one. It would be criminal if we don’t get a second sleeping dogs. 88/100

Verdict = 593/700 = 85% = B+ = Smashing 





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