Pokken Tournament WII U Review


The graphic’s in Pokken Tournament look stunning and it just goes to show the wii u games can have fantastic graphics. The textures on the pokemon look outstanding like this game is seriously one of the best looking wii u games yet. Stages are beautifully designed and combo’s look striking. Imagine a main pokemon game on the wii u with these graphics?! 90/100 



The music in pokken tournament is great for a spin off game. Each soundtrack sound pretty good and the best tracks in the game would be magikarp festival or Tellur Town. But the music in this game isn’t as good as the mystery dungeon series or the main games. But overall I like the music and most of you would probably like it too. 80/100


The gameplay in pokken tournament is better than great it’s splendid. Many fans have been awaiting a pokemon fighting game and now the dream has finally come true. The gameplay is straightforward but it will require practice but then again pulling off sweet combos isn’t all that hard in this game and burst moves may require practice but not a lot. I also love the touch of support pokemon it makes the gameplay much more interesting and unpredictable. Overall they did a fantastic job with the gameplay in pokken tournament and it just proves pokemon can stand it’s own ground as a fighting game. 86/100 


The cinematic’s in Pokken tournament are great. The opening cinematic looks beautiful and it just shows how much pokemon has evolved in general. The burst attacks look beautiful too and they look very well polished. Overall the Cinematic’s in Pokken Tournament are great. 84/100


The control’s in pokken tournament are great. Performing combo’s in the game very easy compared to fighting games like street fighter or blazblue. It might take a little bit of practice but in 3-4hrs you should be a veteran or close to a veteran in this game. Performing Burst moves require practice but not much. Pokken tournament is one the best fighting games for beginners. 80/100


I don’t know why fighting games these days lack content like seriously?! This game is bare-bones just like street fighter V it’s like fighting game companies have a thing to make their game low on content. Online ranked matches can be fun and playing with friends can be entertaining but other than that this game is extremely low on content. Pokken tournament excels in everything excluding content of course. 58/100


Verdict – 478/600 = 80% = B = Very Good 






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