Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 Review



Gravity rush has vastly improved in terms of graphics. The game looked decent on  the ps vita but now it looks beautiful on ps4. Gravity rush remastered is a remastered that was needed. Most games these days don’t need remastered or definitive editions but gravity rush was definitely a remaster that was needed. The textures also look very pretty and overall the graphics in gravity rush remastered look great. Well done Bluepoint. 85/100


The music in gravity rush remastered is brilliant. Definitely has some of the best tracks a game can have. The opening song in the game is beautiful,calm and peaceful. The music in gravity rush can tell a lot. Gravity rush has a variety of tracks from calm and peaceful to adventurous and bizarre and overall the music in gravity rush is outstanding. 92/100


The gamplay in gravity rush is brilliant and it is very original and unoriginal in a way. I absolutely love it when a game company takes risks. And risks can be a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously a girl with powers to float in the air sounds very cliche,boring and unoriginal but the thing is they took a risk and made something that could have been boring extremely fun. 88/100


The control’s for gravity rush remastered are pretty good and are very straightforward. The control’s in gravity rush may be good but they are very repetitive. Fighting enemies is fun and performing different skills is fun too but while playing the game the control’s get so damn repetitive. 76/100


Kat woke in the abandoned slums of the city to find a mysterious and seemingly otherworldly cat sitting beside her. She eventually befriended the creature and named him Dusty. During her first encounter with the city folk, she discovered that Dusty had the ability to manipulate gravity and helped her save a child from a raging Gravity Storm. It seemed that these Gravity Storms and malicious creatures called Nevi had begun to appear around the same time as Kat’s awakening and the rise of another gravity shifter named Raven. With Dusty’s help, Kat continued to help people in need, gaining the trust of the city folk. Eventually, people began to regard her as a superhero figure, giving her the title “Gravity Queen.” Even the city’s police force requested her assistance in threatening situations. During her heroic efforts to restore the missing parts of Hekseville, she would occasionally find resistance from the mysterious Raven.

Kat personally spent a brief amount of time in the lowermost part of the world tower in the ancient village calledBoutoume. However, she later discovered that time functions differently in the different parts of the world tower and she had been gone for a full year in normal time. In Boutoume, she saved the lost children from a powerful Nevi called Nushi with the help of her old foe Raven. 93/100


The cinematic’s in gravity rush remastered are glorious. The game told like a comic book and some people probably hate it but i adore it. The opening cinematic also looked beautiful and there are a lot of jam packed action cinematic’s in this game too. 92/100 


Gravity rush doesn’t have a lot of content but a lot of extra’s make up for the content it lacks. The game has a fantastic story with a beautiful graphics, it’s in 60fps and it has great gameplay but it lacks in content. But then again gravity rush has fun mini missions and mini quests and you can also be very adventurous and explore lot’s of different areas too. Overall the game doesn’t have a lot of content but it does have a lot of extras. 70/100

Verdict – 596/700 = 85% = B+ = Smashing



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