American Crime Season 2 Review

Genre: Drama
Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Jan 6, 2016
Creator: John Ridley
Executive Producers: John Ridley, Michael McDonald


The second season of American Crime is set in the U.S. Midwest — representative of the canvas that is America — at two high schools, one public and one private. Issues of sexual orientation and socioeconomic disparity come to a boil when lurid photos of a high school boy, Taylor Blaine, are posted on social media following a school party. Circumstances become more complicated when Taylor accuses two players on an elite private high school’s championship basketball team, Kevin LaCroix and Eric Tanner, of drugging, assaulting and then posting the pictures of him online. 80/100


The character’s in american crime are brilliant. Each and every character tells there on story and you can even relate to some of the characters. these character unfolded the story and each and every episode left me hungering for more. Each character had a different personality from heck a particular character was so out of his mind he went outrageous. Overall the character’s in american crime are gold. 85/100 



American crime was extremely enjoyable. Each and every character like i said had there own story to tell and each and every character were needed in able to unfold the true story. Each and every character played a somewhat important role in the show and that’s something you don’t see everyday. Every episode left me thrilled, Every episode left me confused and every episode had a cliffhanger. This show lured me in. And is one of the most enjoyable shows on TV to date. 80/100 


The acting in american crime was on point. Connor Jessup played the role of taylor blaine so well. His acting was fantastic. Taylor blaine was a crazy depressed teen but he had his reasons. Felicity Huffman acted out Leslie (the principal of leyland) so well she was brilliant. Overall the acting in this show was amazing. 75/100

Verdict = 320/400 = 80% = Brilliant = A+



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