Hitman Intro Pack PS4 Review



The graphics in Hitman looks fantastic in most areas especially the cinematic’s. The cinematic’s in this game are definitely on point. Character textures look great but when your in a mission the character textures on unimportant characters look good but it looks like there wasn’t enough detail put into the unimportant characters. Overall the graphic’s in this game are fantastic and it is definitely the best looking Hitman game. 91/100


The music in the game so far is short but pleasing. Each soundtrack sound’s good and it ends there. I wouldn’t say any of the tracks are “great” because that would be stretching it but in my opinion if you play the game you should like the music and you should find it pretty good and pleasing. 75/100 


The cinematic’s in Hitman are Brilliant. Like the very first cinematic in the game was beautiful no it was magnificent. The other cinematic’s in this episode are also outstanding. Overall square enix really put a lot of effort into the cinematic’s in this game because they are truly fantastic. 91/100


This game is probably the next best hitman game [gameplay wise] after blood money but of course square enix takes a step forward and then takes 100 steps back. Like come on who want’s to play an episodic hitman game?! like what the hell. Hardcore hitman fan’s would be excited to play this game but others will probably wait until 2017 to enjoy the game. Don’t get me wrong the game  is fun but i just can’t “enjoy” the game if it’s episodic. Yes i know telltale does the episodic crap but that’s different. Hitman is made by an AAA company so it’s completely beyond me why an AAA company will make an AAA game episodic. Oh well . The game is basically like a tutorial. It has 1 mission set in paris and 2 training sessions. On top of that the game has horrible load times. That’s just what we wanted right?! an episodic AAA game with horrible load times and always online. Yep that’s the perfect game. Overall the content in this game completely blows. 18/100 


Square Enix did totally mess up this game but at least the gameplay is gold. This game overall put’s shame to absolution [worst hitman in the series in my opinion]. The gameplay is as good as blood money and that’s amazing. I love being sneaky and stealthy and overall this is the stealth game we asked for. 87/100


The control’s in Hitman are great. Controlling Agent 47 is amazing and the game has very stable fps. The gameplay is very straight forward but for beginners it might me a bit tasking but after a couple of minutes you should get the hang of everything. 80/100

Verdict – 442/600 = 74% = C = Mediocre 








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