Call of Duty Black OPS 3 PS4 Review


The graphics in the latest entry in the call of duty series looks great as expected. The maps designed very well and the textures have improved compared to past call of duty games. If you play game’s for the graphics then your definitely in for a treat because the graphics in this game won’t disappoint. 88/100


The music in call of duty black ops 3 is pretty bad….no it’s terrible. Only one or two tracks in the original sound track interest me all the rest sound very generic and boring. Then again most shooter’s don’t have good music so i wasn’t expecting to hear the best music in the world in this game. 45/100


The cinematic’s in black op’s 3 are brilliant. The place where the cinematic’s really shine in this game is in the campaign. The cinematic’s in the campaign look fantastic and it’s a treat for the eye’s. The story in the campaign may not be good but the cinematic’s sure are. 88/100


On October 27th 2065, the Player and their partner, Jacob Hendricks, infiltrate a base in Ethiopia to rescue hostages from the tyrannical NRC, assisted by Commander John Taylor and his team of cybernetically enhanced soldiers. The rescue is successful, but the Player is critically wounded, necessitating the installation of cybernetic enhancements to save their life. The Player is also given a Direct Neural Interface (DNI), which allows them to control their cybernetics, as well as directly communicate with machines. The Player is given virtual training inside their mind with the help of Taylor and his team; Sebastian Diaz, Sarah Hall, and Peter Maretti. Hendricks decides to undergo cybernetic enhancements as well.

Five years later, the Player and Hendricks are put under the command of CIA Agent Rachel Kane and tasked with investigating a CIA black site in Singapore that has gone quiet. They find that the black site has been attacked by the 54 Immortals, Singapore’s largest and most powerful criminal organization. After recovering the site’s stolen data, the Player, Hendricks, and Kane find out that Taylor and his team were responsible for the attack on the site. They go to investigate the last location Taylor’s team visited: the ruins of Coalescence Corporation’s Singapore headquarters, which had been destroyed in a mysterious explosion that killed 300,000 people.

The Player and Hendricks discover a secret CIA lab hidden under the building, and are forced to kill Diaz, who was wired in to the facility’s computer systems. Hendricks connects to Diaz’s DNI to find information, and discovers Taylor is trying to find the survivors of the Singapore explosion. Taylor then publicly releases the locations of every CIA safehouse in the world, forcing the Player and Hendricks to rescue Kane from the 54 Immortals in the Singapore safe zone. The Immortals’ leader, Goh Xiulan, attempts to kill Kane and the Player to avenge her brother, who was killed in an earlier encounter, but is killed by the Player. 63/100


The control’s in call of black ops 3 are flawless. This game has some of the best control’s a shooting game can have. The game runs in sweet 60fps too which creates a smooth lag free experience and the control’s are very straight forward and are easy to learn. Overall call of duty black op’s 3 offers some of the best control’s a game can have. 89/100


This game is probably the most jam packed game in the call of duty franchise yet. The game has so much content it baffles me. The game has a fantastic multiplayer mode which is probably the most played mode, a campaign mode (well if your not gaming on last gen) and the return of black op’s 2 must beloved mode zombies. The game will last you hours and even if you get bored you will end up coming back to it. Basically the game is generic but addictive. 80/100 


The gameplay in call of duty black op’s 3 is unblemished like literally it’s amazing. The multiplayer is extremely fun and addictive and it is probably the most fun i have had in a video game in years. Having a blast with friends can make you smile and trying to beat your high score on zombies can be thrilling. Overall the gameplay is one of a kind. 100/100

Verdict = 553/700 = 79% = B = Very Good 




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