Broforce PS4/PC Review



The graphics for Broforce looks great on the ps4. I love old retro games so the graphics don’t disappoint me. Some levels can be very lazily designed while other levels look great some levels even look amazing. The graphics for the PC are much better than ps4 but not by a lot. Overall the graphics are great for both the ps4 and the PC . PS4 – 81/100 PC – 84/100


The music in broforce is great. Most of the tracks sound great and fit the title of the game but some of the tracks are also a pain to listen too. Playing the game with headphones makes the tracks’s you like sound fantastic and make the tracks you hate sound even worst. But overall i loved the soundtrack in the game and i recommend listing to it. PS4 – 83/100 PC – 83/100



The gameplay in this game is great well on some platforms anyways. First let’s talk about the ps4 version. The gameplay is good on the ps4 version but the constant fps drops creates a horrible experience. The gameplay is very original and unique and it can be fun unlocking new characters,playing through the campaign and having a blast with your friends. But the constant fps drop when things gets crowded can be a right damn pain in the backside. PS4 – 60/100

The gameplay on the PC version is much better compared to the PS4 version. The game plays very smoothly with no fps drop and if you have a good PC you can get this game running in 60Fps+ And overall if your looking to play broforce lag free i recommend getting the PC version. PC – 89/100


The control’s on the ps4 version of broforce are dreadful. the control’s are literally all over the place and it makes me cringe so hard. Like this was seriously a bad port. Constant fps drop’s and horrible controls?! Yes sometimes the game is playable you know i can kill enemies,destroy the terrain and do all other sort of things but that’s only sometimes. A lot of the time’s there’s fps drop and the buttons just suddenly stop working like when i press the X button nothing happens. Overall the control’s are an un – fixable mess. PS4 – 19/100

On the other hand the Pc version has great control’s and the game plays in 60fps. The great control’s and the great fps create’s a magical experience and overall it makes broforce much more exciting and fun then ever. PC – 82/100


Broforce is an extremely fun game and many gamer’s will be addicted to it when they first play it like myself. Destroying the terrain and exploring different levels and unlocking new characters have never been more fun. Having my friends play along with me is a complete blast because everything becomes an explosive mess which is amusing and fun. Broforce may look boring but it is actually a really fun game. That being said the game doesn’t offer a lot of content. Playing with your friends can be fun but can get very tedious after a while but that’s to be expected. Broforce is a charming game and every gamer should give it a try regardless. I recommend staying away from the ps4 version for now.  PS4 – 60/100 PC – 60/100

PS4 – 303/500 – 61% = D – Poor

PC – 398/500 – 80% = B = Very Good 






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