Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Review



The graphics in tearaway unfolded are wondeful. This game has greatly improved in graphics and when you compare it to the ps vita counterpart of this game you will see a huge difference and that is something every remaster/remake should do. Unfortunetaly in this generation of gaming remastered are very lazily done but with tearaway unfolded you can see a huge amount of effort was done with the graphics. graphically this game is fantastic. 87/100


The music in tearaway is wonderful and it makes me smile. When i first heard the music i was like damn this is fantastic. Most of the tracks sound brilliant but one or two of them sound pretty bland but overall the original soundtrack is fantastic. 89/100


The cinematic’s in tearaway unfolded is great. The cinematic’s in the original tearaway game for the ps vita looked good but the cinematic’s in this game looks even better. Overall the cinematic’s are great and have improved drastically. This is what you call a “remaster” 85/100


Tearaway is about a messenger on a mission to deliver a unique message to treferred to by characters in-game as “the You”.[4] At the beginning of the game players can choose whether to play as the male character, Iota, or the female, Atoi, and the player,  navigate through a world constructed from paper to deliver the message. The player uses of many of the Vita’s features to guide Iota or Atoi, and must battle with scraps, small enemies that try to prevent the delivery. 50/100


Teaeaway is a very unique game and that’s a good thing. The game uses motion control’s to the max which is impressive because not much games uses motion control’s. People thought this game would be weird on ps4 but when you play it you know it belongs in the ps4 family. The creativity in this game is fantastic and the best thing about this game is using the playstation app to let your creativity go wild and that’s were tearaway makes me smile. Most game’s try new unique things and fail but tearaway try’s something very unique and succeeds in every way possible. 95/100


The control’s in tearway are great. Controlling Iota has never been easier and the control’s are very smooth and responsive and using the control’s to do fun mini quests is great too. Overall the controls are fine and it creates a great experience. 80/100


Tearaway has a pretty bad story but is filled with creativity and originality which kind of makes up for it. The content isn’t great but it can be fun helping others on your great adventure and using the playstation app to spice up things makes everything a bit better and sweeter. 59/100

Verdict – 545/700 = 78% = B = Very Good 





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