The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD WII U Review


This Excellent Zelda game is a hd remake of the original twilight princess from 10 years ago and to be honest the game has aged pretty poorly in terms of graphics. Obviously some improvement has been done and it does look better then the original but when you play the game you just feel nintendo could have done so much better with the graphics. some parts have really nice hd textures and other parts haven’t aged at all/ have terrible hd textures. Overall graphically this game is no wind waker. 59/100 


The music in the game is fantastic like every zelda game. I just love the original soundtrack in every zelda game and each and every soundtrack in this game leaves you excited and thrilled. When i first played twilight princess on the nintendo wii i hated the soundtrack but over the years after replaying the game a bunch of times the soundtrack grew on me and i ended up loving the soundtrack in the game. Overall the soundtrack is outstanding. 90/100


The cinematic’s in the game are great and are up to scratch but they aren’t perfect. For it’s time the cinematic’s were brilliant and even till today the cinematic’s still look good and the new hd textures make the cinematic cut-scenes look pretty and enjoyable to watch. 82/100 


Twilight Princess takes place several centuries after Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and begins with a youth named Link who is working as a ranch hand in Ordon Village. One day, the village is attacked by Bulblins, who carry off the village’s children with Link in pursuit before he encounters a wall of Twilight. A Shadow Beast pulls him beyond the wall into the Realm of Twilight, where he is transformed into a wolf and imprisoned. Link is soon freed by an imp-like Twilight being named Midna, who dislikes Link but agrees to help him if he obeys her unconditionally. She guides him to Princess Zelda. Zelda explains that Zant, the King of the Twilight, has stolen the light from three of the four Light Spirits and conquered Hyrule. In order to save Hyrule, Link must first restore the Light Spirits by entering the Twilight-covered areas and, as a wolf, recover the Spirits’ lost light. He must do this by collecting the multiple “Tears of Light”; once all the Tears of Light are collected for one area, he restores that area’s Light Spirit. As he restores them, the Light Spirits return Link to his Hylian form.

During this time, Link also helps Midna find the Fused Shadows, fragments of a relic containing powerful dark magic. In return, she helps Link find Ordon Village’s children while helping the monkeys of Faron, the Gorons of Eldin, and the Zoras of Lanayru. Once Link has restored the Light Spirits and Midna has all the Fused Shadows, they are ambushed by Zant. After he relieves Midna of the Fused Shadow fragments, she ridicules him for abusing his tribe’s magic, but Zant reveals that his power comes from another source as he uses it to turn Link back into a wolf, and then leaves Midna in Hyrule to die from the world’s light. Bringing a dying Midna to Zelda, Link learns he needs the Master Sword to return to human form. Zelda sacrifices herself to heal Midna with her power before vanishing mysteriously. Midna is moved by Zelda’s sacrifice, and begins to care more about Link and the fate of the light world. 97/100


The gameplay in twilight princess hd is fitting for the game. I have always had a mixed feeling about the gameplay in zelda games. Like in one zelda game the gameplay is mediocre and in another zelda game the gameplay is fantastic. This zelda game has without a doubt outstanding gameplay. Battling enemies is great even with motion controls,experiencing the EPIC cut-scenes is pleasing and best of all exploring the world of hyrule is the best thing any zelda game has to offer because hey who doesn’t love exploring the lands of hyrule?! 92/100


The controls in this game are great and it gives you a breath of fresh air. Motion control’s are still in a game a little bit but it doesn’t play a massive role. You can use the classic controller for the game to create a wonderful experience. 80/100


This game isn’t the longest game but the brilliant dark zany story makes up for it completely. And exploring the world of hyrule can be extremely fun and finding hidden treasures can be merry and exciting. Overall the game does it self well with content. 80/100 


Verdict – 580/700 – 83% = B+ = Smashing







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