Destiny + Expansions + Taken King PS4/Xbox One Review


The graphics in destiny are remarkable. It is definitely one of the best looking third person shooters to date. Most character are beautifully designed too but some do have quite lazy designs. The cinematic’s graphically are also outstanding, I have never seen cinematic’s look so good. Graphics overall in destiny are basically near perfect which is insane. PS4 – 99/100 XB1 – 99/100


The music in destiny is lackluster and forgettable and no track in the game makes me hyped. They all sound the same with no effort to differ. Some tracks sound like effort was put into it while some tracks so terrible. Overall if you were to ask what my favorite track in destiny was i would be clueless because all the songs sound generic and are forgetful. PS4 – 31/100 XB1 – 31/100


The cinematic’s in destiny are gorgeous. Like Stunning. Like seriously the cinematic’s are perfect. I have never seen a game with cinematic’s this good. Bungie did a fantastic job with the cinematic’s in destiny. Overall the cinematic’s are perfect and all cinematic’s look graphically insane. PS4 – 100/100 XB1 – 100/100



Prior to the events of The Taken King, Guardians crippled the Hive invasion force on Earth and the Moon by methodically taking down their field commanders and strategists, including Sardon and Omnigul. The Guardians then banished Crota’s soul and eventually killed Crota himself. They also destroyed a Shrinecommuning with Oryx and killed its protector, Sardok.

Eris Morn alerted Mara Sov of Oryx’s arrival, and the Queen set out with the Awoken Armada to Saturn, where the Taken King’s Dreadnaught had stopped to refuel. Uldren Sov led his fighter wings to attack the Dreadnaught and engage the fleet of Tombships protecting it, with the Queen and Oryx presiding over the battle from their respective flagships.

With help from her Coven of Techeun Witches, the Queen summoned her Harbingers, deadly orbs that could decimate an army in seconds. The Harbingers bombarded the Dreadnaught, but after the explosions faded away there seemed to be no lasting marks on the battlecruiser. Oryx then fired the ship’s superweapon, which ripped a hole through the rings of Saturn and completely destroyed the Awoken fleet. Queen Mara and many other major parts of the Reef’s leadership, including Paladin Abra Zire and Techeun Shuro, have since disappeared and are considered MIA, while Petra Venj has advised a remaining Paladin to declare all of them dead. PS4 – 80/100 XB1 – 80/100


The gameplay in destiny is boring yet addictive. Playing missions with friends can be an absolute blast. Destiny can make you smile and it can give you good laughs with friends too. The game can get boring and repetitive after a while and being online all the time can be a pain in the backside but overall destiny is a fun game especially with friends. PS4 – 80/100 XB1 – 80/100


Destiny alone has very little content and it’s a slap in the face to buyers when you add in the content months after. But then again this same “dishing out a game without all content” thing happened with street fighter too. In the end bungie redeemed themselves by adding in the extra content. The new expansion packs are fantastic and the new taken king dlc is outstanding. If your an xbox owner i recommend you jump into destiny because it is now up to date with the ps4 dlc wise. Destiny now offers a lot of content and if your reading this review and saying to your self whether you should get destiny or not the answer is yes because destiny will be well worth the buy.  PS4 – 95/100 XB1 – 95/100


The control’s in destiny are great. Destiny is a very easy game to pick up and if your bad at third person shooters don’t shy away from the game instead practice. Controls are easy for newbies and aren’t complicated and overall are great. PS4 – 85/100 XB1 – 85/100 

Verdict: PS4 – 81% = B =  Very Good /Xb1 – 81% = B = Very Good 




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