Dragon Ball Xenoverse Xbox One Review


Just like the naruto storm series the graphics in dragon ball xenoverse look outstanding. Usually anime games have quite poor graphics but this game just tells you that a niche game can have rich graphics. This game is definitely the best looking dragon ball z game. Character textures look magnificent. Overall the graphics are pleasing to look at. 92/100


The music in dragon ball xenoverse is Great. Some of the songs are pretty bad,some of the songs are good,some of the songs are great and some of the songs are fantastic so overall the music in the game is great. The opening theme is incredible and it outshines the other songs in the game. 80/100


The cinematic’s in dragon ball xenoverse are fantastic. The whole game is basically narrated and told in a cinematic way which is fantastic. The game has beautiful cutscenes the opening theme looks brilliant. 89/100


Towa and Mira have begun interfering with time, and later the Demon God Demigra is released and he begins to also damage history, and so the Time Patrol, created by the Supreme Kai of Time, and led by Future Trunksand the Future Warrior, are sent back in time to stop them. The Future Warrior can travel through different parts of the Dragon Ball timeline using a scroll named the Book of Endings and Beginnings. Every time the Future Warrior fixes the events which were changed by the Time Breakers, history returns to running its original course. The game’s Hub World Toki Toki City exists in Age 850.

The Time Breakers destroying history causes many changes to the timeline. 79/100


The gameplay in dragon ball xenoverse is bottom line terrible. It’s just so bad it makes me sick and there is nothing good about the gameplay at all. Everytime i play the game i just get disturbed by the nauseating gameplay,yes the gameplay in this game is that bad. The game tries to be a mmo but fails. Why make a good fighting game into a mmo fighting game?! like it just a terrible idea in general and after playing the game for a while you just get bored and annoyed because of the gameplay. We asked for a fighting game not a terribly bad glitched mmo. Overall the game is a boring glitchy mess. 5/100 


The content in dragon ball xenoverse is outstanding. The game has a good lenghty story that’s about 50hrs long and it also has some dlc packs as well to spice up your game. This game would be a great game if you excluded the gameplay or if they made it better. The game has a ton of modes which is great and a fun online mode to challenge your friends. The game can take about 100+ hours so overall the content in the game is perfect and it has the content most games dream to have. 100/100


This game has garbage controls AND garbage gameplay. This game had so much wasted potential and if your looking for a fighting game to play i recommend you play naruto storm 4. The camera in the game is awful and the lock-on is appalling and because this game is an mmo fighter the fighting in the game can be very confusing and awkward. Getting used to the controls can be challenging but if you get used to them you might have a somewhat better experience. 18/100


Verdict = 463/700 = 66% = C = Mediocre 



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