Splatoon Wii U Review


Splatoon has a very artistic art-style and to be honest i adore it. This paint shooting squid game looks fantastic on my hd tv. The character textures are impressive and it is definitely one of the better looking wii u games. The battle field is also very nicely designed. 85/100



I am not the biggest fan of the music in splatoon sure there are some great tunes that sounds nice but most of them sound very unimpressive,boring and there just very uninteresting to listen to. And also the music in splatoon fails to hype me up. I usually get hyped up when I listen to video games soundtrack’s but i just felt bored while listening to Splatoon’s soundtrack. 64/100



In Hero Mode, the Octarians, the historic nemesis of the Inklings, built an underground facility, accessible from Octo Valley via a number of kettle-shaped teleporters. After the disappearance of Zapfish from the Inklings’ world, the protagonist, wearing the Hero Suit and wielding the Hero Shot, must infiltrate these bases and rescue all the Zapfish. By retrieving these electric fish, the Zapfish and Great Zapfish will return to Inkopolis and keep providing power to the city, and the Octarians will be stopped from activating The Great Octoweapons, invading the Inklings’ world, and claiming their land. 56/100 



The control’s in splatoon are decent enough. When I started the tutorial for the first time i was furious when it made me use motion controls for aiming and the reason is because i hate motion control based games. The good thing is there is an option that lets you turn off the motion control’s so that’s great. But that’s just my opinion. If you like motion control’s then by all means use the motion control’s. 78/100


The content in splatoon is great for online players and terrible for the casual players. The story was pretty bad in my opinion but hey it lasted for about 9hrs. The annoying thing is after you beat the story there is no extra mission or side quests so that was a massive bummer. But the online mode is extremely fun. playing against the world can be very testing and challenging. But with the right amount of practice you can become a multiplayer beast. 70/100 


And of course the best thing about Splatoon is it’s gameplay. The gameplay in this game takes something very unoriginal and makes it original which is outstanding. The battle fields are beautifully designed for different types of inklings which is great. Yes we know the game doesn’t have private lobby’s or voice chat but what it has is enough for me because i can never get enough from this very original third person shooter so bravo to nintendo for making this game one of the funnest wii u games. 98/100


Verdict = 451/600 = 75% = C+ = Good 


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