Street Fighter V PS4 Review


Street fighter V is definitely one of the best looking fighting games this generation it just looks fantastic. The textures are beautifully presented too. the new characters designs are outstanding excluding ken’s new hairstyle (yes we all hate ken’s new hairstyle) but other then that they look magnificent. the cinematic opening looked brilliant and it literally got me all hyped up. Street fighter V is definitely one of the best looking fighting games like I said. 95/100


The music in street fighter V is excellent. It is definitely much better compared to street fighter IV. The character select theme is great much better compared to the predecessor, yes street iv had horrible character selection music. The song for the cinematic opening gets me pumped up and literally hypes me up and the menu theme is fantastic too. 85/100


The gameplay in street fighter V is phenomenal. Yes the gameplay in this game is it’s out of this world. This game definitely has the best gameplay compared to any other street fighter game and it probably has the best gameplay out of any other current gen fighting game. The gameplay in the game is just so good and new V trigger/V skills are a fantastic touch. The game really caters towards the competitive side which is good as well. Overall the gameplay is fun and addictive and it is world class. 100/100


The control’s in street fighter V are flawless. creating combo’s can be very challenging but with the right amount of practice you can beat anyone in the world. The controls are great like every street fighter game. While it can take some time to master the game once you master the control’s you will be a world class fighter in no time. The contol’s in the latest street fighter is flawless overall. 100/100


The content in street fighter V is pretty damn poor. Don’t get me wrong this game is amazing and it is probably the first or second best fighting game on the ps4 but the content in the game is terrible. It doesn’t even have an arcade mode and the story mode is pretty bland and it only has 16 characters. This game is perfect for the hardcore competitive players like me but for the single player casuals um.. not so much. But don’t worry the game isn’t going to be like this forever. In a couple of months- a year’s time the game will gradually start getting more content which is a good thing  57/100


The cinematic’s in street fighter V are outstanding. The critical combo’s are flawless and the opening cinematic just bursts with flawlessness it that good. Overall the cinematic’s in street fighter V is fantastic and soon we are going to get a cinematic story mode so stay tuned to that. 96/100

Verdict = 533/600 = 89% = A = Outstanding



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