Firewatch PC Review (2016)


The graphics in firewatch are outstanding like seriously they are on point for an indie game. The graphics are extremely impressive and are one of the best graphics i have seen on any indie game. But seriously is it just me or these recently released indie games are great?! This year definitely has the best indie lineup out of any year. The open world looks a beaut and overall the graphics for firewatch are magnificent. 89/100



The soundtrack in firewatch is great. Each and every soundtrack in the game is greatly presented and are very soothing and relaxing to listen to. The soundtrack really reminds you of a camping trip it makes you think 0f the birds flying high in the sky. 83/100



The game starts by showing main events in the relationship between the protagonist and girlfriend Julia in the form of summary texts with glances of the player preparing for a day of work at the park. The player can make some choices in the texts that change course of their relationship. The synopsis takes place from meeting Julia in 1975, getting into a positive relationship, having a few bumps in the road, then Julia getting diagnosed with an early form of Alzheimers at the age of 41. It steadily makes the relationship go downhill, Julia’s parents learn of it and by the player’s choice she either goes to a nursing home or to her parents’ home. The intro ends in 1988 when the player finds their current job from an ad in a paper. On his first day, Henry spots fireworks erupting over a nearby lake. Delilah asks him to warn off the people responsible. He arrives to find two teenage girls drinking heavily and skinny dipping. Regardless of what he says, the girls take off across the lake, shouting insults at Henry for “leering” at them. He passes a cave on the way back to his tower, discovering it’s been locked. Delilah says the key has been missing for some time. As he nears his tower, a distant figure shines a light on him, then runs away. Henry finds his tower has been ransacked.

The next day, Delilah asks Henry to investigate a possibly downed communication line. It appears to have been intentionally cut by the teens, who left a note telling Henry “go to hell.” Enraged, Henry and Delilah plot to get revenge by scaring the girls off. But when Henry finds their encampment, it is deserted. A note left at the site blames Henry for wrecking their camp and stealing their stuff. Henry and Delilah are confused, but happy to be rid of them.

Life returns to normal for a few weeks. Henry and Delilah grow closer, with Delilah admitting she spends more time talking with Henry than any of the other lookouts. The player can choose to share the details of his troubled marriage with her. While exploring, Henry can find notes from other lookouts discussing their time up in the mountains, along with missing persons reports from hikers who disappeared in the area.

Henry finds an old, discarded pack belonging to a boy named Brian. Delilah tells him that Brian and his father, Ned, were previous lookouts before Henry. Ned was a heavy drinker and an outdoorsman, while his son was into fantasy novels and role-playing games. Delilah was fond of Brian and lied about his presence there, since it was against the rules for employees to bring their children to the towers. The pair left abruptly in the middle of summer and never returned. Things take a turn for the worse when the two teens are reported missing by their families. Fearing an inquiry, Delilah falsifies reports to say that neither she nor Henry encountered the girls.

The next day, Henry hikes down to the lake to go fishing and discovers a clipboard filled with notes, including transcripts of all his conversations with Delilah. He finds a radio similar to his nearby and is knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant. He awakes to find the clipboard and the radio gone. Realizing that whoever wrote the notes likely knows that they lied about encountering the girls, Henry and Delilah mount an investigation. Henry recalls that the letterhead on the clipboard referred to a nearby meadow. When he gets there, he finds the area fenced off, with U.S. Government notices warning against trespassers. Henry breaks in and discovers a camp with expensive-looking radio and surveillance equipment. There are numerous reports detailing Henry and Delilah’s personal and private lives, as well as additional transcripts from their radio conversations. There is also an electronic tracking device, which Henry takes.

Henry and Delilah briefly discuss destroying the camp, but decide against it. A short while later, Henry spots smoke coming from the camp and realizes it’s burning. He returns to his tower, only for the tracker to start beeping. He traces the signal to a backpack nearby, which has been booby trapped with a piercing alarm. Inside the pack, he finds the missing key to the caves. Delilah reports seeing a figure in Henry’s tower. He races back, only to find a walkman taped to the door. The tape inside includes an incriminating recording of Henry and Delilah talking about destroying the government camp, which is now burning out of control.

Henry decides to search the locked up cave. Once inside, someone closes the gate and traps him. Lacking the climbing equipment to delve deeper into the rock, Henry finds a separate exit and discovers an old campsite belonging to Brian. The site is filled with drawings of castles, dragons, and knights. Henry also finds climbing equipment there, along with a note from Brian saying he hid it so his dad would stop forcing him to learn how to climb.

Henry takes the equipment and returns to the cave, determined to find out what is going on. There, he makes a startling discovery: Brian’s crumpled body, lying at the bottom of a huge cavern. Delilah is devastated by the news, blaming herself for breaking the rules and allowing Brian to stay. 98/100



Firewatch has an outstanding and emotional story but it can only last for so long. The game is incredible don’t get me wrong but the adventure is only about 4-5hrs with not much replay value so once you complete firewatch,you have completed firewatch and when you do replay the game it tends to be a bore because it’s sparks were already experienced during the first playthrough. 45/100



The gameplay in firewatch is unique and odd in a creative way. It’s rare to get a game without any violoence or guns or superpowers. Instead in this game you walk, experience new stuff and discovering new places. And some people may think that’s boring but let me tell you something the gameplay along with the story creates a magical experience you will never forget and when a new game comes out that’s similar to firewatch you would be like “hey i played a game like this before and it was amazing”. Games like firewatch and every one gone to the rapture make me smile. 98/100



The cinematic’s in firewatch are very good. The game clearly excels in story and gameplay but when it comes to the cinematic’s they are just good you know not bad not great not mediocre just good,plain and simple. 79/100



The controls in firewatch are amazing. Some people may refer to this game as a walking simulator but even if it is a bit of walking simulator at least it has charm to it. Overall the controls are perfect and using your mouse and keyboard has never been easier. 87/100


Verdict = 579/700 = 83% = B+ = Smashing




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