Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PS4 Review


The game improves the last graphics from the last couple of storm games by a little. Don’t get me wrong the game looks stunning but they could have given it a big graphics overhaul because come on this is the last storm game. anyways the graphics look outstanding especially for an anime fighter it looks extremely impressive on my HD TV but they could have definitely given it a big graphic overhaul. 90/100

maxresdefault (9).jpg


If i was to judge the music just based on the in game music i would probably give the music score 78% but since the music is basically all the soundtracks in this game then i just have to give it a higher score. The opening song in the game really carries the music as the opening song for the game is fantastic with pleasing cut scenes. 85/100



The cinematic’s in the latest edition of naruto is outstanding. You really get to see the beautiful cinematic’s during the story mode. The cinematic’s during the story mode are sensational. The cinematic’s either be in an anime cut scene or in  a narrative still image. i am not a fan of the narrative cinematic’s but they still look great overall the cinematic’s are a treat and are really eye catching. 90/100



To be honest i was never really a fan of the combat system in the naruto storm games and to be honest it has the worst combat system out of any fighting game i have played. It’s just so bad and each game only improves the combat system minimally. Some characters got some new moves but other characters have the exact sane movepool they had from the past few naruto storm games and that’s just sad. What’s the point in having 100+ characters if a lot of them are just copy and pasted from past games. Like seriously it’s the final storm game at least put some effort in characters other than naruto and sasuke and some other few. Online mode can be great fun or fighting against your friends can be good but like i said the combat system in this game is terrible with the capital T. 55/100



And of course the story in this game is great. I have already finished reading the naruto manga so i know everything that happens from start to finish so i won’t spoil. This game is basically starting off from the ending of storm 3. Lets exclude the filler game “revolutions” like let’s pretend that game and generations don’t exist. But yeah the story is great and the final fight with sasuke vs naruto and the final cut scenes were amazing and they made you pumped up and energized. The ending really lets you accept that naruto is over. 86/100



Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 offers a lot of content to the player with a variety of different game modes. It’s one of the few fighting games to have a real story and a good story. The story is pretty short you now about 5hrs but you can still have a lot of fun with the other modes and if your one of those players who love the combat system in this game then you will definitely adore the online mode. 77/100



The control’s in naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 are great. mashing buttons to create combo’s are very easy in this game probably easier then any fighting game which can be great for beginners but can be very repetitive for pro’s. screen can become very messy sometimes in battles but overall the controls are great. 81/100


Verdict = 564/700 = 81% = B = Very Good 







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