The Witness PS4 Review


The graphics in The Witness are rather spectacular. I have never seen an indie game look so beautiful. This is definitely the most stunning indie game i have seen. Grass textures look fantastic and the open world looks cartoony but graphically stunning at the same time. The graphics are just first class. It doesn’t look as good as a triple a game but for an indie game it is definitely way over it’s own league. 93/100



To be honest this game was definitely a little bit over-hyped. The open world and the graphics look stunning and you can tell a lot of time and dedication went into this game but it just feels like i am playing nothing sometimes. The game has no real story and no soundtrack and while the puzzles can be great fun they tend to get boring after a while maybe after 1-2hrs. And while the puzzles do get much more difficult they still tend to be solvable you know there not impossible or they aren’t really challenging. The game in my opinion could have had a big puzzle story. 60/100



The puzzles in The Witness may be a tad bit boring and easy but it does have a good lot of content. There are many different places to explores like an island for example and each place has a variety of different puzzles. The problem i have with this game is you just keep on walking and doing puzzles with no actual story and it just seems a bit weird to me. 77/100



The control’s in the witness are outstanding. moving your character is great and there are no fps drops well for me anyways. The witness is a very good game it’s no masterpiece but it definitely is good indie game. With just a little sparks they could have made the game much more better well for me anyways. 89/100


Verdict = 319/400 = 80% = B = Very Good 


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