Megadimension Neptunia VII PS4 Review


This game is the best game graphically in the hyperdimension series. Yes the graphics isn’t like metal gear solid or Infamous but you can tell compile heart put in a lot of effort into the graphics on this game. The graphics are far from the best but it is a massive improvement compared to the previous hyperdimension games. The graphics look stunning on my hd tv and it plays in 60fps too what else do i need?! 80/100



The music in Megadimension Neptunia is incredible but then again most niche jrpg’s have incredible soundtracks anyways. The Tracks in the game are fantastic and there is great variety in each of the tracks and they aren’t exactly bad to listen to. The opening song in this game is outstanding. The opening song really carries the music in this game by a lot. 97/100 



The game isn’t jam packed with cinematic’s excluding the opening and the HDD transformation. The little cinematic’s that are in this game are good. The opening cinematic can be a bit unattractive to the eye but some parts in the opening is nicely presented. The HDD transformation cinematic is perfect. 76/100



Megadimension neptunia is a fairly long game. The game has a very big story with countless characters to explore and with countless transformations. Boos battles can be extremely hard and challenging and they are definitely not easy. To be honest this is one of the more difficult jrpg’s which i love. You know what they say the more challenging the better. Countless hours can be spent looking for new items or grinding. 90/100



Neptune’s story

Neptune returns to Planeptune only to discover that, aside from Nepgear and Histoire, everyone has forgotten about her, even her close friends IF and Compa. The nation is now ruled by the “Gold Third” member B-Sha, a money glutton who likes to play hero. However, there is one problem, she has a huge phobia towards monsters. Neptune will have to try her best to make everyone remember her and help B-Sha overcome her phobia, all the while defending Planeptune from monster attacks in her stead.

Noire’s story 

Upon returning to Lastation, Noire is shocked to discover that, in this new reality, she is a wanted criminal. While running from the authorities she is helped by a girl named K-Sha, whom becomes her very first friend. What Noire doesn’t know is that K-Sha is actually the “Gold Third” member currently ruling her nation and that she secretly harbors an obsession towards her. Things become even more complicated when a mysterious individual tells K-Sha to “get rid” of Noire’s sister Uni, whom K-Sha believes is getting in the way her of her relationship with Noire.

Blanc’s story 

While searching for her younger sisters, Rom and Ram, Blanc is attacked by a bunch of monsters and nearly killed. She is, however, saved by the “Gold Third” member currently ruling Lowee, C-Sha. While getting off on a bad start, Blanc eventually forms a friendship with C-Sha. However, their friendship becomes threatened when Lowee’s corrupt government tries to put them against each other.

Vert’s story 

After returning to Leanbox, Vert takes up a job as a soldier under the direct command of the “Gold Third” member ruling the nation, S-Sha. The job mainly involves defeating monsters, however, S-Sha seems to have darker motives behind giving Vert these jobs.

Final story 

After each confirming the safety of their nations, the CPU’s reunite and exchange what they’ve learned. An organization called “Secret Society Afi Max”, composed of, the runner of the “@General Aggregator Site”,Affimojas and, his informant, Steamax, is revealed to be responsible for the everything. The CPU’s try their hardest but find that they cannot defeat them as they currently are. However, at that moment the members of “Gold Third” combine their power with that of CPU’s to give rise to a new power the “Next Form”.

Heart Dimension Game Neptune H

Monsters from the Zero Dimension have suddenly started to appear in the Hyperdimension. Neptune, Noire,Blanc and Vert try to stop them, however, as they confront them, they are approached by none other thenUzume Tennouboshi. Uzume then traps the four of them in the mysterious Heart Dimension and reveals that she plans to fuse the Hyperdimension and Zero Dimension together. In a attempt to rescue the CPU‘s,Nepgear, IF, Compa, Uni, Rom and Ram and the members of “Gold Third” chase after Uzume.

Finally the shocking truth about Uzume, Umio, the older Neptune and the Zero Dimension will be revealed! 90/100

Megadimension Neptunia VII_20151110162650



The control’s in the game are fantastic. Attacking enemies have never been easier and the controls are just as good as it’s predecessor. The control’s are even better because this game runs in full 1080p and 60fps making the controls a lot nicer and smoother. 96/100



Okay now here is the thing when the first HDN game was released it had terrible gameplay and well over the years they have worked significantly hard on the gameplay and they have been improving it in every new installment and that being said the gameplay still isn’t amaazing but it has the best gameplay compared to any HDN game. The gameplay is nice and smooth and it isn’t awkward like the previous games. Attacking enemies is fun and the game runs in 60FPS. This game is the best in the franchise and it puts the other games in the franchise to shame. 78/100


Verdict = 607/700 = 87% = A = Outstanding



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