Pony Island PC Review (2016)



The graphics in pony island are impressive. It’s kind of a mix of 16bit graphics and modern graphics. The pony lasers are great graphically and the arcade machine is graphically good as well. Overall the graphics for pony island are charming and i really love 16bit games heck a mixture of 16bit graphics and modern day graphics is even better. 82/100



The music in Pony Island is Smashing. Most of the tracks sound very evil and wicked but a couple of the tracks sound mediocre. The soundtrack is  never forgetful and the track The Machine the best track in the game reminds me of little creatures trying to take over the world. 82/100



Pony Island is a suspense puzzle game in disguise. You are in limbo, trapped in a malevolent and malfunctioning arcade machine devised by the devil himself. The devil detests having his puzzles solved and poor programming exposed; you will need to think outside the box to proceed and you will be insulted when you do. 79/100



The content in pony island is extremely poor. The game is very creative and fun and imaginative but the content in the game is not much. It will take about 4hrs for the average games but if your a skilled gamer the game will take about 1-2hrs. But i have to say for the price the game is a must buy even though it only has 1-4hrs worth of content. 16/100



Pony island is not your average indie game. Most indie game’s are very repetitive and tedious but pony island puts shame to all those tedious indie games. The gameplay is very original and if your thinking “this game is about ponies” then you though wrong. Just like when people say don’t judge a book by it’s cover in this case don’t judge a game by it’s name. Killing little creatures with your pony laser can be very fun but it can also be challenging. The game also depends on your mouse speed. If your using a laptop i recommend purchasing a mouse for this game as the built in mouse on a laptop would be far to slow for this game. Puzzles are fun,sometimes challenging and are overall remarkable. The gameplay in pony island is amazing. It’s like a platform/action game and a puzzle game in one. 100/100 

maxresdefault (7)


The control’s for pony island are flawless. Killing little creatures is extremely easy and smooth but this game depends on your mouse a lot. Purchasing a high quality mouse in my opinion is recommended for this game. The controls are easy to learn and the controls for the puzzles are great. The control’s in Pony Island make’s the game very enjoyable. 91/100405640_2016-01-09_00008.png

Verdict = 450/600 = 75% = C+ = Good 



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