OliOli PS Vita Review (2014)


I love 16bit Games and the graphics in this game are good looking and attractive and i really just love the 16bit artstyle but there is something very different about the artstyle in this game. For starters it just looks very different compared to your average 16bit game to be honest the character sprites in this game are ugly and nauseating. The graphics in the game overall is very good you know nothing in particular is TERRIBLE about it. 78/100



The music in the game is smashing. I love the 16bit retro sound to it. The ost really brings me back to the past and it can be soothing to listen to the background music while being extremely worked up because of the frustrating level. 16bit music is just my rock. 83/100



OliOli has quite a bit of content. There are lots of levels to explore and heck even 1 level can take you and 1hr well for me anyways. there are also different ranks of levels. It can be easy to get trophies in too. OliOli has very frustrating levels and if your a noob at these types of games you will find the game very frustrating. OliOli can take up to 14hrs to complete and every level brings in a new amount of fun and difficulty. 66/100



The control’s in this game are very sloppy and are very messy and sometimes they just flat out don’t work. Most of the time the controls can be great and they can work perfectly and some of the times the controls can be annoying. The glitches a lot and crashes leaving it unplayable sometimes. When you hit that button to land on your skateboard you sometimes get the sloppy comment even though you pressed the button on time!! anyways most of the time the controls are near perfect. While it can be annoying sometimes the controls in the game are still fine. 71/100



The gameplay in OliOli is outstanding. It has a variety of traps and obstacles to make the game hard, frustrating and fun all at the same time. While the skateboarding idea may be cheesy and unoriginal and while the game looks like your typical high score mobile game I still have a lot of fun with this game and i love beating my high score, collecting new trophies and advancing to the next level all these things make olioli a true winner. 95/100


Verdict – 393/500 = 79% = Very Good = B 


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