Nintendo Land WII U Review (2012)


The graphics in nintendo land look nice on the wii u especially on a 50inch TV. The graphic’s aren’t the wii u best maybe it’s because it was one of the wii u’s launch title?! Anyways every level is nicely designed  and the textures look wonderful. The mii’s look great and the graphics and metroid blast look good and overall the graphics are pleasing but they aren’t the wii u’s best. 80/100 



The ost in the game is splendid and it has a very cheery sound to it. The ost is very similar to past nintendo games like wii party and wii sports. The background music for metroid blast sounds very nice. The ost in the game is splendid but a lot of the songs sound very generic and similar and all in all the ost is very forgettable. 76/100



Nintendo Land has a lot of content and a variety of different modes to play from. These modes include The legend of zelda battle quest  where you use your bow and arrow to fight enemies and it can be up to 3 players. Another is metroid blast where the player uses the wii u gamepad to control samus gunship and it has 3 other modes: Assault mission,Ground battle and Air combact. There are other modes like Pikmin Adventure,Mario Chase,Luigi Ghost Mansion,Animal Crossing Sweet Day,Takamaru’s Ninja Castle,Donkey Kong’s Crash Course,Captain Falcon’s Twister Race,Balloon Trip Breeze,Yoshi Fruit Cart and Octopus Dance. 80/100



This game really uses the wii u gamepad to the fullest and it is very unfortunate most games these days don’t use the wii u game pad to the fullest. The controls are exemplary and people would expect it would be hard to play the game because of the wii u gamepad well i have good news to you the controls are smashing even with the wii u gamepad. 86/100

maxresdefault (1).jpg


The gameplay in the game is great you know there are bunch of minigames for you to explore and they are very fun…well for a while. After playing the minigames for a long time they can get very repetitive and tedious. Some of the minigames are terrible like the legend of zelda battle quest and octopus dance…yes octopus dance is borderline terrible if i wanted just dance i would have bought just dance. It can be fun playing these minigames with friends but they can just become uninteresting and tiring. Like literally i used to play this game all the time now it’s just on my shelf collecting dust. 63/100 

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Verdict – 385/500 = 77% = C+= Good 




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