Hardware Rivals PS4 Review (2016)


The graphics in hardware rivals are very nicely polished and they look very nice and sharp. The game runs on unreal engine 4 and as you can see because of unreal engine the graphics look lovely. The graphics aren’t better than rocket league but they are better than most indies. 80/100



The music in hardware rivals like expected is terrible…NO it’s worst then terrible and it is very forgetful. I had to play the game while using headphones so i could review the music it’s just so generic,boring and overall BAD yes BAD is the perfect word to describe the music. It has a very weak electronic sound to it. Basically the tried but they failed. 0/100


Cinematics – N/A

maxresdefault (7).jpg

Story – N/A



The control’s in this game is sickening no it’s fantastically bad yes that is the perfect word to describe the controls. You know this game had so much wasted potential to be as good as rocket league but it’s just a complete failure and probably the worst car game i have played to date. Online mode is such a pain in the backside because of the controls. It can be extremely hard just turning the car to shoot enemies and the when pressing the shooting button it can be unresponsive. Basically the controls are flipping bad and it creates a terrible experience. 2/100

maxresdefault (8).jpg


Like rocket league hardware rivals really focuses on the online multiplayer and it has quite a lot of multiplayer modes which is great there is even a rookie mode for beginners. The Online mode does create a terrible experience but hey at least the game has a lot of modes. 60/100



The gameplay is unoriginal but creative at the same time. I do think car with guns is cliche and unoriginal but the power up’s and other little things make it a lot better. The gameplay is good to be honest. There isn’t much maps but there are lots of power up’s and hey car’s with guns is fun. 75/100

large (5).jpg

Verdict – 217/500 = 43% = NG = Nauseating 


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