Rayman Legends PC Review


The latest edition in the rayman franchise delivers an incredible artstyle the exact same artstyle as the beloved rayman origins. The artstyle in this game may be the same but it has been updated to have a very slick  look and to be honest i am fan of it. The 2d art style really looks good and the character textures are pleasing. 89/100



Oh man do i love the music in this game, the music has a very childish and cartoony feel to it and it reminds me of the old rayman games which makes me feel really happy. The OST in the game is adorable and endearing and it is truly childish but in a good way. 91/100




While Rayman and his gang have been sleeping for a whole century, the nightmares of the Glade of Dreams have increased in strength and numbers, and gained control of every part of the land, holding many Teensies captive. The leader of the chaos is none other than The Magician, who had survived the events of Rayman Origins, and multiplied into 5 Dark Teensies.

Meanwhile, The Bubble Dreamer, knowledgeable of this chain of events, assigns Murphy to wake up Rayman and the others to repel the attack. When Murphy finds them in the middle of the kingdom, he slaps Rayman awake, and tells him what has happened. He also mentions that all 10 princesses have been captured by the nightmares.

Immediately taking action, Rayman and his gang team up, and embark on a long journey to stop the threat. All the while, they free every captive Teensy, and defeat the Dark Teensies by sending them to a moon within a winged pig constellation after they got themselves trapped in a space too narrow for their vehicles to pass through.

When they arrive at Olympus Maximus, they are confronted by a large cloud of pure nightmares, and a large fight ensues. Finally, they defeat the darkness and take care of the last Dark Teensy. When Rayman and his gang return home, they are praised for their heroic actions, and harmony is restored in the Glade of Dreams. 79/100



The cinematic cutscenes in the game are actually pretty good for a 2D side scrolling game because not a lot of 2d side scrolling games have good cinematic’s in fact a lot don’t have cinematic’s at all. The Cinematic’s are very good overall and some of the are quite funny,childish and cartoony. 79/100



The game has quite a lot of content. The game has an massive amount of levels to explore and to get new items and hidden treasures. The boss battles can be easy but can be hard as well. The main story is about 9hrs but if your one of those gamers who like to fully complete a game it could take 27hrs. 72/100



The gameplay in this game is perfect with no flaws it is absolutely fantastic. Yes the gameplay is different compared to the past rayman games but i think the decision to turn this into a side scrolling 2D game was a smart decision by ubisoft because damn the side scrolling really works in this game and it is by far the BEST SIDE SCROLLING GAME OF THIS GENERATION IN TERMS OF GAMEPLAY!! yes i said it the side scrolling is even better than mario. 100/100



The controls are simple and basic like every side scrolling game. They are very easy to understand and are great for beginners. The controls aren’t annoying or irritating and are very easy to use and are not complicating at all. 86/100


Verdict – 596/700 = 85% = B+ = Smashing





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