Mega Man Legacy Collection PS4 Review


The graphics in the game may not be realistic but it is very nostalgic and it looks absolutely amazing on my 5oinch HD TV. The graphics are just glorious yes i know it is an old classical retro game but you know what there is something that sparks in the graphics when you play it, it leaves a big grin on my face and fills my body and my soul with nostalgic joy. 91/100



Where do i start. The music is fricking amazing it sounds all old and retro too which is just wonderful. the music is very nostalgic and it will make you very delightful and cheery when you listen to it. Oh the feels, every time I listen to the fascinating soundtrack i shed a tear. 100/100



The story has a mixture of mega man 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Each and every story are great and have a different mixes of bosses. The best story out of the 6 would possibly be Megaman 1 or 2. The rest of the stories are remarkable 2 but the stories in megaman 1 and 2 are the most interesting and fleshed out in my opinion. 84/100


Cinematic – N/A



The game has a good bit of content from mega man 1,2,3,4,5,6 to be honest while the content is great it could have been better if they added mega man 7,8,9,10. In my opinion Mega Man 7 and 8 were the best so it is a shame the legacy collection does not include both those games. Still the content in the game is great but it could have been better if they added the last 4, The content definitely isn’t as good as Mega Man Anniversary Collection. 80/100



The Controls in the game are Flawless literally they are perfect. The controls on both the ps4 and the xbox one make the game very playable and it can refreshing using your xbox or playstation controller to play mega man. 99.5/100 



The game is very nostalgic and it plays like your regular classical side – scrolling platformer. Fighting bosses can make your heart beat fast and it can be rewarding when you beat the boss and acquire the zany new skills. I don’t really like the newer mega man games because they take away the simpleness the first 10 mega man games had which is a shame. Overall the gameplay is beautiful,stylish,basic,nice and easy and overall simple. 99.5/100

large (1).jpg

Verdict – 554/600 = 92% = S = Striking




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