Hyper Dimension Neptunia Rebirth 2: Sister Generation PS Vita Review


Like the first rebirth game the graphics are straight up terrible and they are by far some of the worst graphics i have seen in video games in years. i have to be honest there is nothing to say about the graphics in this game they look incredibly bad i don’t even think i can give it a score because they are most sicking and nauseating graphics i have seen in video games in years. Even though the graphics are awful the same can be said to many other jrpg titles and yes the character textures look like an early ps2 game heck even some ps2 games look better than this but as i was saying the graphics do look nicely polished so kudos to you. 14/100



Like the original the music in the game is bloody fantastic. But then again most jrpg’s have a fantastic ost and without a doubt this game is one of those jrpg’s that have fantastic ost. The opening in the song personally is not my favorite and it is not as good as the first one but to each their own. 97/100




The game does not have cinematics but it does have nice anime cutscenes like most jrpgs. The anime cutscenes are great but they are not the best i have seen. Still the cutscenes look very nice and pleasing. The only place where we really see cutscenes are in the opening and the cutscenes well are quite small. 76/100



The year is 20XX, and in an alternate universe from the first game, where Arfoire is dead, a force known as ASIC (Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime), a group solely dedicated towards the deceased Arfoire, has risen, led by CFW Magic. Over the years, the influence of ASIC has become increasingly powerful, currently affecting many residents of Gamindustri. As such, in response to the threat, the CPUs and Nepgear travel to the Gamindustri Graveyard to combat ASIC. However, the five of them are overpowered and captured. Three years later, IF and Compa arrive to find Neptune. With the power of the Sharicite, a crystal made from the hopes of people, the two manage to free Nepgear and escape, though the Sharicite is broken in the process. Retreating to Planeptune, Nepgear must recover her strength and free Gamindustri from the influence of ASIC, though she must first locate the mascots of the landmasses, who can provide the power to potentially assist the captive CPUs.

As she travels Gamindustri to find the mascots, she crosses paths with Nisa, Gust, 5pb, Cave, and Falcom, as well as the other CPU Candidates, who she befriends. They eventually join Nepgear’s party, and together with the power of the mascots, they manage to free their captive sisters. The members of ASIC fall by their hand as well, though they uncover a sinister plot to use their power to revive Arfoire. Making their way to the Gamindustri Graveyard for the last time, Nepgear’s party defeats Arfoire, and the CPUs attempt to seal the entity forever. 93/100 



The gameplay in the game is as bad as conception but it isn’t terrible like unplayable. It is a big improvement compared to past hyper dimension games on the ps3 so thats great. The gameplay still isn’t great though and there are massive FPS drops that just makes everything vile and disgusting. 60/100 



oddly enough this game is 10hrs shorter than it’s predecessor which is very weird indeed. But there is quite a lot a lot to do in the game like exploring dungeons,grinding and leveling up your CPU’S. the content in the game is great that’s for sure it’s nice and perfect. 85/100



The control’s in the game are fantastic. Attacking enemies have never been easier and the controls are just as good as it’s predecessor. The HDN series is a good series and it can become a brilliant jrpg, they just need to take the game to the next level and need to stop staying in their comfort zone. Overall the controls are fantastic and plays the game well, especially if you have a glorious PC and the game runs in 6oFPS. The game definitely is not as good as the last rebirth game even though both this and the last aren’t great they oddly managed to make this game worst then the last game. 94/100


Verdict – 519/700 = 74% = C = Mediocre








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