Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Review



Lara looks better than every in the latest edition of tomb raider, Square Enix has done great with the graphics of this game. Lara’s face may look a bit weird but hey a change means some other things have to change too. The environment in this game is outstanding it blows away a lot of other Xbox one titles heck even some ps4 titles too,the graphics in the game are that good. Although the graphics in the definitive edition of tomb raider were brilliant too, this game just brings the graphic’s to the next level. 95/100



This is when the negative starts to roll out. The music in the game is borderline terrible and there isn’t much going for it. The OST is bland and boring and the only good soundtrack is the song “I Shall Rise” The soundtracks sound very generic and boring eg when something exciting or bad is happening your generic hero song starts to play, i don’t really know how to explain it but you know in movies when something happens that generic song starts to play. That’s exactly how the ost is boring and generic. 57/100



The game begins with a small camp at Siberia, where Lara is gazing at the huge mountains that await them. Jonah tells her that the others won’t be accompanying them anymore except him. The climb soon becomes challenging, with Lara nearly falling down to her death. As Lara reaches the top, she sees the ruins of Kitezh from afar, but the storm strikes the mountain and separates the two.

The scene reverts to London, England two weeks earlier, with Lara walking through the dark rainy alleyways. As she passes by her father’s apartment, she sees a mysterious figure with a flashlight through the windows and decides to investigate. The mysterious figure founds a recorded voice message, with Richard Croft explaining that he already have found the next piece of the puzzle in his quest for immortality, but someone is stalking him – Trinity, a violent sect which aims on taking over humanity. Lara enters, causing the mysterious figure to flee. Lara founds the window open, presuming that the mysterious figure might have used it to escape. As she investigates her father’s research documents, the door starts to open. Lara quickly picks up her climbing axe and prepares it for the mysterious visitor. As the visitor opens, Lara almost hits the visitor before realizing it was Ana – Richard Croft’s lover. Ana gives her a newspaper article, detailing Trinity accusing Lara for her adventures about immortality as “another crazy croft, a daughter just like her father,” to which Lara regards to as lies. She asks Ana if she was being stalked. Ana gets surprised by this question and answers ‘no’. Lara tells her that she thinks she already knows the location of the prophet’s tomb, which her father believes holds some secret to immortality. She explains that her father was close to a great discovery, just before he died. Ana does not believe her and told her that her father was unwell. Ana regards that she was in love and almost wanted to marry him, but he was a broken man and she doesn’t want Lara to end up like him. Lara tells Ana that the tomb is in Syria and her father was right and everyone else was wrong to which Ana replies that it is madness and get her life sorted and go back to the manor. Ana regards that the obsession ruined her father. Lara tells her that she can’t go back. Lara says she saw something supernatural, after her experience in Yamatai and now believes her father. She tells Ana that she will be going to Syria to find the prophet’s tomb in hopes of finding the Divine Source.

The scene then reverts to Syria, where a man drives Lara through the northwest borders of Syria’s deserts. The man tells her that they are heading for a war zone and she better be sure about this, to which Lara exclaims that they are close to an oasis near a canyon up ahead. Suddenly a chopper appears and chases them, in which the man tells her that it’s just local militia. Lara realizes that the man is lying and the chopper is actually Trinity. The man admits to telling Trinity because they paid better than her. Then the chopper fires, crashing the truck and killing the driver. Lara survives the explosion and falls off a cliff. But she survives with the aid of her climbing axe. She explores the mountain cliffs and eventually finds a secret entrance that leads her to the the Prophet’s tomb. After exploring inside, she finds a marker saying that the prophet tomb is near and murals depicting the prophet performing healing miracles and preaching to the people about the Divine God. Lara soon learns that Trinity was after a prophet who they believed was preaching about a Divine Source. They supposedly killed him and his followers and had been looking for the Divine Source many centuries ago. As she evades the deadly traps in the area and nearly drowns, she finally found the shrine dedicated to the tomb of the deathless prophet. After finding a way to raise the water level by opening the floodgates, she reaches the top and finds the tomb. However, as she opens it, she is surprised to see it empty. The area is soon stormed by Trinity’s armed forces lead by a man named Konstantin. As they open the tomb, Lara comes out and aims a gun on them. Konstantin asks where the Divine Source is, to which Lara answers and tells him that there was no artifact there. Konstantin does not believe Lara and attempts to kill her, but Lara activates the explosives that Trinity set in the area. The area collapses, killing most of Trinity’s forces. Lara barely manages to exit the water flooding the area, and soon finds a mysterious cross insignia engraving on the floor.

The scene then reverts to Croft Manor in Surrey, England where Lara is doing some research on the mysterious cross insignia she found earlier. Jonah enters the room and after a short reunion, asks Lara about her adventure in Syria. Lara told him that she did found the Prophet’s tomb, but it was empty, and she was being followed by an organization named Trinity who was also after the Divine Source. She told Jonah that she found a mysterious insignia of a cross during her escape. On one of her father’s books, it says that the insignia is linked to the lost city of Kitezh in Siberia, which sunk under a lake during the eve of the mongol horde’s invasion in the 12th century. Lara believes that if this really contains the secret of immortality, then it could change everything like sickness, death, to which Jonah becomes angered and regards that she has gone insane. He says he’d lost a lot of friends already and doesn’t want to lose her. 85/100



The cinematics in this game are what you call perfection. The game plays a lot like the uncharted games and the game is mostly a cinematic adventure game and the cinematics are top notch and are brilliant. It can be relaxing sitting back and watching the cinematics. Truly Amazing. 100/100



The main story in the game can take about 24hrs-30hrs and exploring other things in the game can take about 8hrs and to fully complete the game it van take 38hrs approx. The content in the game is not great but it isn’t good either i’d say it’s mediocre if you ask me. Yes it can be fun exploring different places and getting achievements but there just isn’t a whole bunch to do and i don’t play it games like uncharted and tomb raider really is just about the story with those games and after the main story that’s it your finished. it is an improvement to the past game though it took about 20hrs to fully complete the last tomb raider game. 74/100



The gameplay in the game is outstanding and it is extremely fun and addictive. The gameplay in the game  is amazing and it plays like past tomb raider titles and uncharted titles. Uncharted and tomb raider have very similar gameplay styles. The gameplay takes the amazing tomb raider definitive edition gameplay and expands it and update’s it which is brilliant. The gameplay is fun and addictive and it make’s the game feel like an amazing cinematic adventure. 99/100



The contols in this game are striking and are in general remarkable. While pressing the same button over and over again can repetitive and yes the gameplay is amazing, the gameplay can really make the game repetitive and it make the controls very repetitive too. Overall the controls are remarkable and they make the game playable and that’s really the important part right?! 87/100


Verdict – 597/700 = 85% = B+ = Smashing



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