Gunman Clive 2 3DS Review


The graphics in gunman clive 2 are no better than the original gunman clive they are still very mediocre and weak. That being said when playing the game on the 3DS screen the graphics are splendid and the game and character textures have a very unique art style which I completely adore. There are more enemies in the game and more characters and the textures on the new arrivals is rad. 69.8/100large (4).jpg


The music in the game is excellent it is just as good as the original gunman clive but a little bit better. The background music in each stage is very nicely composed and it has that western cowboy feel to it which i think is pretty cool. 90/100


Cinematics – N/A


Story – N/A



Like the orignal gunman clive the content in this game is very short but it is much more longer than the original gunman clive. The original gunman clive was 1-2hrs ma while this gunman clive is about 3-5hrs which i would say is bad but it is better than the original. Every level is extremely fun and are also very nicely designed so even though this game is short the levels are nice and there is a lot of replay value. 66.4/100



The controls in the game are fantastic with no flaw. Everything plays and runs nice and smoothly like how a platform game is supposed to play. Killing enemies with your gun has never been more easier and jumping from place to place is also nice and smooth. 100/100



The gameplay in the game is very true to its original and it plays like a basic platform game with no surprises HOWEVER there is a lot of new gameplay added to this new gunman clive game. There are new areas to explores and there are also more characters to choose from and there is a fricking giant dinosaur?! how cool is that. 87/100 


Verdict = 413.2/500 = 83% = B+ – Smashing





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