Fallout 4 PS4 Review


The graphics in Fallout 4 are mixed to be honest. Fallout New Vegas had horrible graphics for it’s time the graphics in the game are actually quite up to standard for it’s time but there are a LOT of flaws. The objects and the environment look outstandingly good and the grass,water and forests look completely next gen BUT the character textures and the dogs fur is horrible like seriously it is diabolical but it is a massive improvement compared to fallout new vegas. It just goes to show that a fallout game will always be a step behind in terms of graphics. 62/100 



Aw yes the music the radio on the pipboy is back!!! Likewise the music is brilliant with no flaws. Every Fallout game has a beautiful soundtrack and this game does not break the trend of “every fallout game has beautiful music” The Music is fantastic and the radio songs remind me of a country people which is quite nice to be honest. The best song in the game is the song “It’s all over” and that songs just really links up to the theme of fallout 4 which is incredible. 90/100Fallout-4-Behemoth-Enemy.jpg


The story begins on the morning of October 23, 2077, with the player character and their spouse (Nate/Nora) preparing for an event at the Veteran’s Hall when a Vault-Tec representative comes to inform them their family is approved for admittance into Vault 111. Moments later, a news bulletin warns of an imminent nuclear attack, forcing the family to rush to the vault, where they are temporarily trapped outside when a nuclear bomb detonates nearby. The platform below them lowers, and the family and other residents of the town are tricked into being placed in cryosleep.

Years later, the player and their spouse are re-awakened by two unknown individuals, who open the spouse’s Cryo tube with the intent of taking the player’s baby, Shaun. When the spouse tries to prevent the kidnapping they are killed by one of the strangers, who takes Shaun and reactivates the survivor’s Cryo tube. The Sole Survivor manages to get free of their Cryo tube in 2287, where they discover that they are the only survivor of Vault 111, as the remaining residents have died due to the strangers tampering with the Cryo tube controls and life-support system. Once they emerge from Vault 111, the Sole Survivor vows to avenge their spouse’s death and find Shaun.

From here, the player is instructed to go to Diamond City, a settlement based in Fenway Park. With assistance from Nick Valentine, a synth detective, they locate their spouse’s killer, a man named Conrad Kellogg, who reveals their child, now 10 years old, is in the Institute, a secretive organization based below the ruins of the Commonwealth Institute of Technology. The player retrieves a cybernetic implant from the brain of Kellogg, and after viewing his memories, discovers they can only get to the Institute via teleportation.

To build a teleportation device, the player seeks assistance from one of three other factions: the Minutemen, the Railroad, or the Brotherhood of Steel. Once this device is built, the player infiltrates the Institute to find their son. After finding a child synth based on a young Shaun, it is revealed that the real Shaun was kidnapped in 2227, sixty years prior to their release from cryogenic sleep, and is now an old man who is the leader of the Institute.

The player then faces a choice: They can side with Shaun and help the Institute with their takeover of the Commonwealth by destroying the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel, Shaun dies of cancer not long after and names the player as his successor. They can also side against Shaun by assisting one of the other three factions, they can assist the Railroad in destroying the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel in order to free and protect the synths, help the Brotherhood of Steel destroy the Institute and the Railroad in order to exterminate the synths or help the Minutemen destroy the Institute (and the Brotherhood of Steel if the player is their enemy) in order to protect the Commonwealth. 78/100

large (2).jpg


The cinematics in the game are bloody fantastic the opening cinematic was great and the cutscene when everyone was running was also very good as well. Cinematics happen a lot of the time in the game especially when you are talking to important characters. Whenever you talk to important characters you get glorious cinematics  but the character textures and modules really ruin the cinematics for me if they made the textures nicer the cinematics would have been Outstanding but yeah the cinematics are still bloody fantastic but it could have been outstanding. 90/100



The controls for fallout 4 are super but i would not say there outstanding. Everything can be played very smoothly and nicely but it is also a bit rough. Fighting enemies in the game can be very awkward sometimes it just feels very off shooting can also be extremely weird as well and the 3rd person mode in fallout 4 is incredibly off but overall the controls are great. 81/100



This game like every fallout game has an insane amount of content. There is a whole bunch of side missions and companions to recruit and there is a whole bunch of extra things you can do in this game and romancing other characters or building a little house. There is just overall so much content in fallout 4 and 100+ hours can be spent doing a bunch of fun stuff. 97/100



The gameplay in the game is great but it does not play like a fallout game at all. If i am correct the fallout series is a rpg not a FPS shooter. The game plays like a fps shooter and has little elements of an rpg. The choices in the game are good but not great and they aren’t rpg enough and you can’t really kill any character you want in fallout 4. In fallout new vegas you were able to kill your companions but in this game you can’t. I don’t know but the fallout series in general has really lost it’s touch. The gameplay is still good but not great.60/100


Verdict – 558/700 = 80% 







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