Warframe PC Review


The graphics in warframe are brilliant for a free to play game, every warframe are beautifully designed and the open world is finely designed as well. The weapons such as guns and bow and arrow are beautifully designed and when you set your PC to the max settings the graphics just look disgustingly good like i am telling it’s outstanding. Now if we were to compare the graphics to destiny to be completely honest destiny would win but yes the graphics in this game can stand it’s ground against a lot of PC games. 87/100 



The music in warframe is unnoticeable and maybe it’s because when i play the game i do not take notice of the background music or because the music in the game flipping awful and generic?! Yes i would go with the “flipping awful and generic option” The music in warframe is diabolical the music in warframe reminds of hell or something dark at least it reminds me something?! RIGHT?! 2/100


Story – N/A



The game does not have much cinematics excluding the first cinematic and the new second dream update. The first cinematic was pretty damn good and well we were getting to know the game, after that there isn’t much cinematics except when you start a new mission and fly through the air and also there are cinematics when you start the missions and  also the cinematics in the new update second dream are impressive overall not much cinematics but the cinematics that are in the game are very finely done. 85/100 



The controls in warframe are unreal they are literally flawless everything is very smooth and nicely done hacking down enemies can be very fun i am not a fan of the mouse and keyboard so hacking and slashing your enemies with a xbox one controller has never been more fun. 100/100



Warframe has a crap load of content it is literally outstanding. The multiplayer in the game is incredible and doing missions with friends has never been any more fun. From customizing your warframe to lots of updates and fun boss battles with friends you literally never get bored with warframe and like destiny you may hate it but you always want to keep on going back to play it again and again. 95/100 



The gameplay in warframe is superb and it can be fun hacking and slashing enemies and it can be fun using different skills with different warframes and customizing your warframe the good thing about this game is that every warframe is unique with a special skill. The hacking and slashing can get a bit repetitive and i am probably not the only one that finds it repetitive but using new weapons can make the hacking and slashing a bit more exciting. 83.4/100


Verdict – 454.4/600 = 76% = C+ – Good




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