The Legend of Zelda Majora Mask 3DS Review


The game is was a very good remaster it does improve the graphic by a bit but to me the wii u would have improved the graphics even more heck it would have brought the graphics to a whole new level to be honest it’s not the game’s fault its the 3ds fault this game really belongs on the wii u. There are some positive things to say like no more pointy characters everything has been smoothed and and the textures have been nicely remade. 67/100 



The music in the game is beautifully arranged like every Zelda game. Every town has a beautiful background music and the songs played on the ocarina are graciously made and are lovely to listen to. 100/100



The cutscenes in the game are nicely done but they are not near perfect. Yes we know the best cutscene in the game is with Skull Kid, Link and Epona and also the Moon crashing was a fine cutscene. The cutscenes in the game feel and look very outdated and old maybe it’s because it was a N64 game originally i don’t know it just looks too old when i look at the cutscenes. 61/100



The story of Majora’s Mask is set after the events of Ocarina of Time. After the defeat of Ganondorf, Link is sent back in time so that he might relive his childhood. After some time has passed, he sets out on a journey with his horse, Epona, to find an unnamed friend he lost after his battles with evil. Afairy sound effect played as this information is disclosed likely implies that this friend is Navi, Link’s Fairy companion who departed at the end of his adventure in Ocarina of Time. This was later confirmed in Hyrule Historia.

While traveling deep inside the Lost Woods, Link is ambushed and knocked off his horse by the Skull Kid, a strange imp wearing a peculiar mask, and his two friends, the fairiesTatl and Tael. The Skull Kid initially seems to recognize Link somehow, but quickly dismisses it, taking his Ocarina of Time. While the Skull Kid attempts to play the ocarina, Link comes to, and approaches the Skull Kid; he tries to lunge at the Skull Kid to reclaim his ocarina, but the imp quickly mounts Epona and takes off deep into the woods. Link is able to hold onto the Skull Kid’s leg for a little while before being thrown off, attempting to give chase on foot instead. Given no option, Link follows them into an entryway leading into a large, hollow tree. Once inside, Link finds himself on the edge of a great hole, and is too late to save himself from falling into it.

At the bottom of the hole, Link is confronted by the gloating Skull Kid, who claims he “got rid of” Link’s horse. 94/100 

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the controls in the game are nicely done but when i play the games sometimes i feel the controls are just a bit off but like i said maybe it is because it is a fairly old game. The controls are nice though as well as the gameplay and most of the time i feel very comfortable while playing the game. 84/100 



The content in the game is pretty narrow. There is the main story which is about 24hrs but don’t get me wrong the story is amazing it’s just the content in the game is not a lot. It can be fun collecting masks and doing a lot of side quests but other than that this game does not have much content. 71/100 



The gameplay in the game is near perfect with some minor problems. Attacking other enemies in the game can be very amusing and collecting and doing side missions to get the masks can be quite merry too. Each mask has there own unique skills and power like the deku mask can glide on little pink flowers which i think is imaginative if you ask me. Other masks can be a great bore and can be quite tedious and annoying and just lackluster overall but most masks are nice and if  you love collecting things or doing lively side missions to acquire the masks i think you should give this game a try, or if you like a more original and darker zelda game. The songs on the ocarina are very easy to play and are beautifully arranged they are also a complete beaut to listen to. 97/100 


Verdict – 574/700 = 82% =B+ = Smashing


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