The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3DS Review


The graphics in this game looks really pretty and polished and it looks a picture on the 3DS Screen. The textures look finely done and the character textures and modules look diminutive and beautiful. Graphically this is definitely one of the nicer handheld Zelda Games and it really stands out to be honest the graphics really attract me to the game and they make me more addicted to it. 81/100 



Every Zelda game has an outstanding ost and it makes me want to play it over and over again. While this game is one of the best looking 3ds games graphically the ost is very destitute compared to past Zelda titles which is a shame. None of the soundtracks in the game gets me jumping or pumps me up they all really feel generic and you know “dull” 59/100


Cinematics – N/A



After having a nightmare involving facing down a dark, shadowy figure, Link awakens to the sound of Gulley, the Blacksmith‘s son, calling for him. Having overslept again and shirked his responsibility to his master, Link follows Gulley to the Blacksmith’s shop where he runs into the departingCaptain. As the Captain thanks the Blacksmith for his new shield and departs, the Blacksmith’s Wife quickly realizes that the absent-minded Captain has forgotten his sword and tasks Link with returning it to him. A guard at Hyrule Castle‘s front gate reveals to Link that the Captain intended on visiting the Sanctuary before returning to his duties.

As Link arrives at the Sanctuary, he walks in on a conversation between the Priest’s daughter, Seres, and the gravedigger, Dampé. Seres offers to retrieve the Captain from inside as Dampé continues speaking to Link, before the doors to the Sanctuary slam shut and Seres screams in terror. Dampé informs Link of a secret passage into the Sanctuary beneath one of the graves, and urges Link to use the Captain’s sword to navigate the passage and rescue those inside. As Link arrives, he witnesses a strange sorcerer by the name of Yuga casting a spell on Seres to transform her into a painting. The Captain – having failed to defend the Priest and Seres – met with a similar fate on the Sanctuary’s wall. As Link charges to confront Yuga, the sorcerer transforms into a painting himself, yet retains his mobility. Link loses consciousness after hitting the wall, and Yuga escapes with Seres’ portrait in tow.

Link awakens in his house once more, this time with a strange person in a rabbit hood greeting him as he regains consciousness. The person introduces himself as the merchant Ravio. After learning what happened to Link and asking permission to stay in his house a while, Ravio gifts him with an old, musty bracelet and suggests Link report the happenings to Princess Zelda so something can be done about it. At the gate, a guard laughs at Link’s story and gains the attention of Impa, Princess Zelda’s attendant. Impa allows Link entry into the castle as she announces Link’s arrival to the Princess.

Princess Zelda quickly recognizes Link from her dreams, and gives him the Pendant of Courage – something Link at the time believes to be a simple good-luck charm – and tasks him with finding the elder of Kakariko Village, Sahasrahla. Upon meeting him in his home, he urges Link to warn his student Osfala of Yuga at the Eastern Palace, since he is also a descendent of the Seven Sages. Link finds him at the entrance, but Osfala is sure of himself and does not view Yuga as a problem.

Link and Yuga fighting

After navigating through the palace, Link sees Yuga turn Osfala into a painting before his very eyes. After Link manages to get the upper hand in their battle, Yuga furiously turns him into a painting as well. Leaving him there, Ravio’s Bracelet lights up and frees Link, granting him the ability to merge into walls freely. He finds Sahasrahla at the entrance of the palace shortly before hearing an earthquake near Hyrule Castle.

Yuga puts a barrier around the castle, upsetting Sahasrahla, who believes the Pendant of Courage is still inside. This is relieved when Link reveals he already has it; he is then tasked in finding the other two pendants in the House of Gales and Tower of Hera so he can obtain the Master Sword to break the barrier and save Zelda. 91/100



The controls in the game are amazing. Everything is so easy to learn and it is very easy to pick up and to be honest this is more easier zelda game it is probably the best game for a first Zelda game if you ask me. Going into walls could never have been easier and i also find going into walls to be a very unique thing. Killing your enemies is fun and using your arrow and bow is pretty easy but primary at the same time the bow and arrow can be used to do a lot of things. 99/100



Like Majora Mask the content in this game is incredibly small and because the game is extremely easy i can complete the game within 10-15hrs. There is a few extras to do but other than that there is really nothing to do in the game after the story as the extra’s tend to be a bore. 59/100 



The gameplay in the game is perfect with no flaw. Fighting enemies is really easy and it can be easy to master the sword skill in the game. The bow and arrow can be a really nice secondary weapon for long range enemies and “YES” the most creative thing out of “ANY” Zelda game is going in between walls which i think is pretty genius and brilliant. 100/100


Verdict – 489/600 = 82% = B+ = Smashing


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