Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend PS4 Review


The graphics in this amazing 2D Fighter looks stunning even though this game is a 2D Fighter the graphics does not fail to impress me. The art style is very unique and it is very fitting and the engine the game is running is very nice too. Even though the graphics is not as striking as guilty gear xrd sign it still does have neat and polished graphics. 85/100 



 The ost in the game is bloody brilliant the music always hypes me up and i especially love the astral finish background music in the game. Blazblue has some of the best music and i am a sucker for japanese music so the ost links up to my interest. The opening in the game is one of the best blazblue opening by far and it truly hypes me up whenever i listen to it. 100/100 



The anime cutscenes in the game are godly. There are not much cutscenes in the game but i have to be honest we do get cutscenes here and there so there is a minimal amount of cutscenes. That being said the quality of each cutscene is amazing better then  most anime these days Arc system works really know how to create smashing anime cutscenes 89/100 



January, 2200AD
It’s been over one week since the loop came to an end.
Having destroyed the Cauldrons, Ragna had finished his quest.

There was still unfinished business in his books.
To defeat his now-revived nemesis, Terumi.

Terumi abducts the Successor of the Azure, Noel, and forces the Master Unit, Amaterasu to appear in the human plane.
Hatred and vengeance awaken the Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi (Mu -No.12-).

Ragna sacrifices his own flesh and blood to save Noel, but even that, Terumi predicted.
In a small window of opportunity, Terumi nullifiesTakamagahara.

It was all a part of their—
The NOL‘s highest commanding leader, the Imperator’s will.
Later, Kokonoe restores Ragna’s flesh…
…and he sets his course for the Federation’s Hierarchical City: Ikaruga.

Little did he know, he would encounter the phantoms of time, the Chronophantasma, at his destination. 90/100 



The game has quite a lot of content compared to it’s predecessor.  It contains all the dlc from the vanilla chrono phantasma game and adds some new goodies as well. New characters join the game like Celica and we have an amazing story to go with it. Compared to the storyless guilty gear xrd sign, blazblue chrono phantasma extend comes packed with an interesting story. The story is for about 28hrs which is decent not great or amazing just decent. And the online mode is very thrilling and fun as well.  87/100 



The controls in the game are flawless and the fighting in the game are perfect too. Like guilty gear the fighting and the controls are amazing while it is hard for beginners to perform the mystical astral finish or those annoying combos, it can be fun for newbies to practice and to become better at the game. 87/100 



The gameplay for most fighting games are brilliant and this fighting game is no exception it looks great and plays great too. The controls are flawless and are very basic, can be difficult to learn but practice makes perfect. The downfall in my opinion is the technical mode to characters and the unlimited mode. Yes i sound a bit butthurt but both those modes takes away the fun of the game and it takes away the special learning process this game has. 86/100 


Verdict – 624/700 = 89% = A+ = Brilliant 



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