The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Review


The original game’s graphics were striking and were marvelous it literally pushed the ps3 to its limit and was definitely the best looking ps3 game. The graphics in the game doesn’t fail to keep up with current ps4 games and it continues the trend of fantastic graphics. The game is beautifully remastered in remarkable 1080p. In terms of graphics this game is one of the best remastered ps4 games graphically. 100/100 

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The music is stunning and it has a very classy and classical feel to it and it also has a very dull and depressing feel to it which i think is beautiful because the theme of the ost links up very well to the main game and story. The original soundtrack has that “the world is ending” feel to it which i think is pretty amazing and it is one of the few games to have a soundtrack linking up very well to the story. 95/100 

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20141114140733
The Last of Us™ Remastered_20141114140733


There really isn’t anything to say the cinematics are bloody fantastic all naughty dog games have fantastic cutscenes and cinematics e.g uncharted, the last of us. The visuals are so damn good possibly the best i have seen this game is a true remaster. 100/100 

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729141145
The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729141145


It has been 20 years since a special strain of cordyceps fungus emerged and began infecting humans, systematically taking over their brains and turning them into The Infected. Since then, the United States military, or what’s left of it, has placed much of the country under martial law, establishing Quarantine Zones in many major cities. Each zone features numerous checkpoints where civilians are scanned and tested for infection; any survivor found with even the slightest trace of the disease is euthanized on site. Outside the quarantine zones, nature has reclaimed much of the land lost to humans in recent centuries, resulting in startling contrasts of green and gray in America’s abandoned cities.

Joel, a smuggler within a quarantine zone in Boston, sells weapons and drugs on the black market, often trading in ration cards for goods, supplies, or favors. An event occurs where Joel promises a lifelong friend that he will take care of a young girl named Ellie as they escape from the quarantine zone and go across the country in search of the Fireflies, an organization aimed at restoring modern society and finding a cure for the disease without the help of the surviving U.S. government.

On the road, there are scavengers, hunters, and other dangerous survivors looking to exploit the weak and naive to better their own situations; many groups see Joel and Ellie as an opportunity. The pair must constantly do battle with these groups, as well as hordes of the Infected, as they make their way across the country to the Fireflies. 95/100 



The controls in the last of us are near perfect but i won’t say they are mediocre either i would say the controls are great not fantastic. The controls are absolutely fine but it can be annoying walking really slow and taking a long time to reach the destination and moving side to side to doge a bullet can be a massive pain too because you move so slow. The shooting and aiming are perfect and it can be fun risking it and taking on those bothersome clinkers 97/100 



The last of us has a nice amount of content and with 3 modes you have the campaign that is about 22hrs long, you have the online mode and you have the extra campaign. The story may be short but the rich and attention grabbing story makes up for it. The online mode is fantastic and it is extremely fun the funny thing is you expect the online mode in this game to be dead after a couple of months but till today the online mode is still up and running with people.The extra campaign “Left behind” can also be interesting to play after the rich story. 89/100



The gameplay is impressive and there are lots of different things to do and mini missions which i think is quite nice  and there are lots of zany areas to explore if you are curious but it can also be very repetitive at times but overall it is extremely fun even though it’s not as wild and outrageous as tomb raider and uncharted. 99/100 


Verdict – 675/700 = 96% = SS – Masterpiece




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