Sims 4 Get Together PC Review


The graphics in the sims 4 get together is good looking and it looks nice and smooth. The game is not very demanding so the graphics will look beautiful on any computer as long as it has “SOME” reasonable specs. The objects in the game look attractive,charming and polished. The Sims look really well designed in create a sim mode but when playing in world of sims the graphics go from beautiful to very good. The new hair styles and clothes in the game are also gorgeous. 84/100



The music in sims 4 is very fascinating and fun i love the way they speak simlish in the game and in my opinion its very zany and original. The music makes you feel happy and it makes you feel good to be alive if you ask me. The music just makes you feel warm and jovial. 85/100 


Cinematics – N/A 

    Story – N/A



Sims 4 get to work brings in more content then the sims 4 get to work even though this expansion pack has more content then get to work it still has less content then the sims 3 expansion packs which is disappointment. Still though it brings in quite a lot of content just not enough. It can be fun having many different types of countries and it can be fun travelling to a different country. But if you are not a very social person on the sims 4 then this expansion pack might be a waste of time. 81/100 



The controls in the game are very appealing and unusual which is a good thing. The controls are nicely done and are very straight forward. Building a house can be great but things like building a pool can very complicating and unclear. Placing items is very straight forward and can be done easily and fast without any problem. The controls are very simple but it can also get very repetitive clinking over and over again e.g click here to walk or click here to drink. 80/100 



The sims 4 get together adds a lot of gameplay that makes the game more fun and makes it more appealing compared to get to work or the base game. The party features adds addictive and enjoyable gameplay to the sims and it is very charming. Going to a new countrey is also a big feature in this game like widenburg. You can explore a whole new country in this game which is pretty rad and the map and objects and the surroundings in this brand new expansion pack looks sensational. But to be honest the gameplay is very repetitive and it is not the game’s fault but they really need to change the gameplay in the game or the sims will become stale and die and it will not be missed. 87/100 


Verdict – 416/500 = 83% = B – Smashing 


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