Little Big Planet 3 PS4 Review


The Graphics on Little Big Planet 3 Looks splendid. The graphics don’t look like a true next gen game but it has this touch that makes it look acceptable. If the game was on PS4 only it would have looked marvelous. The object textures look smooth and neat and the character textures and modules for sack boy and friends looks super they the character textures and modules have a very HD look to it. 89/100 



The original soundtrack in the game is very unique and there are a variety of different songs in this game too. Not all the songs sound the same they each have a different feel to it which is quite interesting. The Music can either be veru  cheerful and kiddy, it can be very wild and zany and it can also be very dark and dull. It’s incredible for a game to pull this off and have a variety of different songs. 90/100 



The Cut scenes play in stunning full 1080P HD graphics and the graphics during the cut scenes are the most beautiful cut scenes i have ever see in any video game i have played to this date they look truly fantastic and they look graphically intense. When you are watching Cut scenes it’s like your playing a high quality movie trailer. 100/100



Sackboy is exploring Craftworld, just having a good time. Little does he know, someone is watching. Newton opens up a dimensional portal, which sucks Sackboy in. He is deposited high on a mountain in Bunkum, where he meets Newton. Newton tells of a time, before the Negativitron, when Bunkum was under attack from three titans, who stole all of Bunkum’s creativity. They were saved by Swoop, Oddsock and Toggle, the three heroes of Bunkum. After the battle, the heroes left for a life of solitude. Sackboy and Newton navigate their way down the mountain, then board Newton’s airship where he informs Sackboy of their task. To stop the evil Nana Pud from releasing the Titans. Sackboy and Newton travel to Stitchem Manor, where they head for the roof and defeat Nana Pud’s guardian. It is revealed that Newton tricked Sackboy, and Nana Pud is his mother. He then releases the Titans against Pud’s will in an attempt to bring more creativity to Bunkum. However, he is possessed and his plans change to ones of world domination. 88/100



While the story is pretty damn good the story is extremely short lasting for about 5hrs approx and to fully complete the game it’s about 11hrs which is extremely small for a game developed by sony. The story is fun to play through but being very small doesn’t cut it. On the other side there are online modes which you can enjoy with your online psn friends or you can replay the story the good is though the story has a lot of replay value. You can also decorate your pod,add stickers, create playlist and so much more. 70/100




The controls in the game are a bit flawed and messy if i was to be completely honest. The controls just brings down the gameplay a lot and makes the gameplay feel really dull and mushy. The Jumping is very weird and low jumps just really annoys me. It can be fun and cute decorating and customizing your sack boy but it can be very maddening pressing the square button instead of the R1 button and falling off the rolling sponge thinking Square was for climbing. 62/100 

LBP3 2014-11-04 [12].jpg


The gameplay in the game is very current and smooth but the controls brings it down a lot. The puzzles are also beautifully created. Designing your Pod and filling the walls with stickers can be very creative and exciting. Little big planet leaves you with this special charm whenever you play it you just want to play more of it which is something games these days lack. the replay value is fantastic and the online mode is not dead and still has lots of players running around and helping each other out in their digital sackbThe little items can be fantastic and fun for solving puzzles too Little Big planet has a wide variety of gameplay. 86/100 


Verdict – 585/700 – 84%- B+ – Smashing


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    I like your review style, Elekidsenpai. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.


    1. elekidsenpai says:

      that would be amazing 🙂

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        Sure thing! If you let me know your email we’ll send the details. Thanks 🙂


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