Nintendo WII U Review


The Wii u has a standard variety of games. The Wii u does lack a lot of third party support from big video game companies like bethesda and Activision and it lacks popular games likes fallout 4 and grand theft auto 5. That being said the Wii U game library does make up for lack of third party support. The wii u has incredible games like the legend of zelda Wind Waker HD and Mario 3D World and out of 3 main consoles the Wii U has the most quality and the most Powerful Exclusives out of the 3 Main Consoles. The wii u does have a lack of games coming out for 2016 though the only big games we are getting for the wii u next year is Zelda and Starfox. The wii u also has a vast majority of indie games too which is pretty good. 80/100




The hardware the wii u is very poor as well as the storage. The storage extremely teensy and all in all it is just extremely poor seriosuly 32GB and 8GB?! Compared to 500-1TB on the Xbox one and the PS4. The update takes up like 5GB so if you have the 8GB console you would only have 3GB For gaming. The good thing is it does have expandable memory via external usb. it is  to be a 45nm chip, with embedded DRAM. Additionally, the CPU is based on the same chip that is used in the Watson supercomputer, implying it is a Power7 model. CPU clocks in at about 1.23 GHZ. AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU. And The Wii U has 2GB of RAM with a Quad Core. Tech Wise these specs are very poor. 35/100 



The Wii U has a very mediocre design it looks like the wii a lot.  It is a bit curved at the sides but not still looks like a wii extremely lazy design. The Gamepad looks like a mini tablet and it is very slick and current i love the design for the gamepad. 64/100


User Interface

The User Interface is very basic and casual but it looks acceptable at the same time. To be honest even though the UI is good it looks too much like the 3ds and the wii UI which is pretty sluggish. The UI is pretty and basic but they could have spiced it up a bit you know?! 72/100

Verdict – 251/400 = 63% = D  – Satisfactory





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