Portal PC Review



The graphics for Portal looks Pure and notable for its time. It looks better than most 2007 games so yes well done Valve for making a graphically fantastic game for its time. The Portal Gun looks graphically outstanding and the portals you make using the portal gun looks sweet and pure. Objects in the game looks pretty good graphically too. The game truly is graphically amazing and if you are one of those gamers who only games for graphics then you should be disappointed by too much. 88/100



The music in Portal is beautifully arranged. It is truly fantastic. The song “Still Alive” is one of the best ending songs i have ever heard in any video game i am being serious it is just brilliant. The soundtrack has a very techno digital feel like your stuck in the digital computer world looking for how to get out that is what the soundtrack reminds me of it also reminds me of weird creatures coming to invade the world. 100/100



There really isn’t any cinematics in the game but there is 1 cinematic at the end of the game which isn’t really good to be honest but hey at least the game does have 1 cinematics. 60/100



The game begins with Chell awakening in a Relaxation Vault, where she is briefed by the voice of GLaDOS coming from speakers, before being released through a portal. The player is introduced to the testing process and mechanics, shortly thereafter obtaining the Handheld Portal Gun. As Chell makes her way through test chambers it becomes clear the facility is devoid of human life and GLaDOS is testing Chell for her own warped definition.While Chell is making her way through the facility, GLaDOS attempts to lure her back with promises of cake and a party, and claims the attempted murder of the player was a misunderstanding. When she realizes her attempts are in vain, GLaDOS resorts to taunting Chell while continuing her efforts to kill her. Eventually Chell reaches GLaDOS’ lair, where she finally comes face to face with the rogue AI. It is revealed that GLaDOS had murdered everyone in the facility using deadly neurotoxin. GLaDOS now attempts to do the same to Chell. Using the Handheld Portal Device, Chell defeats GLaDOS by removing her AI cores and depositing them in a nearby Emergency Intelligence Incinerator, resulting in a large explosion that blows a hole in the roof dragging both Chell and GLaDOS upwards. Chell awakes to find herself above ground in the parking lot of the facility, with the burning remains of GLaDOS surrounding her. The March 3, 2010 Patch modified the ending so that Chell is dragged back into the facility by the unseen Party Escort Bot.on of ‘science’. Throughout the facility are hidden “dens”, containing mad scribblings from an unseen person warning others of GLaDOS.Motivating Chell with the promise of Cake at the end of the testing, Chell is put through tests of increasing complexity. When Chell is no longer of any use to GLaDOS, she attempts to kill Chell by lowering her into an incinerator. Quickly thinking, Chell escapes a fiery fate using the the Handheld Portal Device, and she makes her way through the inner facility via maintenance shafts. 100/100



The game is only really 2-3 hrs heck you can even finish it in 1hr to be honest the game is not really jam packed with content. But the gameplay and the story make up for it. The Story is very rich and exciting and the portal gun is very fun and thrilling to use. While the story mode is very fun and with lack of multiplayer there is on the other hand a lot of replay value in this game. Like i said the majestic story makes up for the content in this game. 66/100



The controls is very pristine and all in all the controls are perfect. The Portal gun is a very unique gun and it is very thrilling to use. The portal gun really cann be used anywhere and really most games with this kind of gimmick would fail but this game uses this gimmick in a very stylish and original way. 94/100



The gameplay in the game is beautifully polished. The Portal Gun is a very interesting and original gimmick and it works very well too. It can be extremely thrilling shooting portals on those walls are going from place to place with your almighty portal gun. The puzzles in the game are pretty easy but tricky and puzzling at the sane time. Portal is what you call a puzzle game though the game is very short the puzzles are very rich and awe – inspiring. Truly fantastic i do not want the gameplay in Portal to ever change. If you are playing on PC the game will run on low end PC’S 0n stunning 60FPS heck on mid range PC’S it runs on 70-80FPs truly stunning. 100/100



Verdict – 608/700 = 87% = A – Brilliant


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