Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege PS4/PC Review


The Graphics are nice,simple and Clean i wouldn’t say its beautiful but it definitely is nice and simple. The graphics looks mostly like a xbox 360 game but it looks a bit like a next generation game. The water in the game looks elegant and neat. The character Textures look decent i wouldn’t say its bad but its not amazing either. Overall Graphics are quite pleasing. 80/100



The Music has a dark,war ominous Feel to it which isn’t necessarily bad. The music is pretty dank if you ask me. The music also has a great robotic feel to it and it has a refreshing techno sound. 85/100



The Cinematics at the start of the game was amazing the graphics looks splendid during the opening cinematic. other than that there is not much cinematics in this game. Maybe there will be more cinematics in tom clancy the division. 84/100



After several years of Rainbow Program deactivation, the program was recently reactivated by a new leader that is simply known as Six Players play as an operator in the Rainbow team, who has to face a new enemy type called The White Masks, who have unknown goals but are causing chaos across the world. 50/100



This game has terrible amount of content considering it is a full multiplayer game with no real campaign. Yes the multiplayer is extremely fun and addicting but really buying a game for multiplayer is very stupid (yes i know i bought the game) but still. Multiplayer should not be the main aspect of a game it should be an extra. Yes i know games like dota and team fortress are multiplayer based games but those games are actually really good. This game is just a generic fps shooter so it has no right to be a multiplayer only game. Props to call of duty black ops 3 for having an amazing multiplayer and a decent campaign. There is missions in the game but it can’t replace a full Story campaign. 26/100



The game has splendid controls like every fps shooter game beautiful nice and slick. 80/100 



The gameplay in the game is spectacular there is a lot of neat tricks you can do and i fine the little drones in online matches to be pleasing. The game plays nicely and smoothly in delicious 60FPS and i have not noticed the fps dropping which is splendid. You can shoot your partners during online matches if you want to be a troll which is pretty amusing and hilarious. There are lots of hiding places in case you want to ambush your opponent or your partner and you can also reel and do a whole bunch of other neat stuff in the game the online mode is probably better than tom clancy splinter cell. 100/100


Verdict – 505/700 = 72% = C – Mediocre



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