Tales of Zesteria PS4 Review


Tales of Zesteria has passable graphics at best the game is pretty fun and it can be extremely addicting taking down poor enemies but man the graphics are so mediocre. I still feel like the  graphics in this could have been even better in fact beautiful considering bandai namco the makers of the naruto storm series and dragon ball game series both naruto and dragon ball have beautiful graphics. I think what is stopping the graphics from being amazing is the PS3 this is why we need to move on to the “Next Generation” Game developers should stop making games for the past generation systems because those past generation systems holds back the current generation and because game developers still make games on both the past generation and the current generation the game cannot become a true next generation game because it is still partially a last generation game too. 40/100  



The game has a stunning soundtrack especially the battle theme. The battle theme is so upbeat and it has a very fun and unique sound to it. The battle theme literally pumps you up for battle and you feel like a hero while playing the game and listening to the battle theme. Other in game sounds are beautifully arranged too excluding the opening. The Original japanese opening was epic actually it was marvelous but the english version of the game had to ruin the opening badly by changing it to a disgusting non lyric version. I would have given the music a 100 if they still had the original japanese opening 91/100



The game has terrific anime cut scenes that look graphically beautiful and the cut scenes has crisp animations if only anime had animations like these. There is a lot of cut scenes the cut scenes make the game feel like an anime which is incredible. 80/100



The game begins with a young explorer called Sorey and his friend Mikleo, a Seraphim of water exploring some nearby ruins when they rescue a girl, Alisha, and bring her back home in the village of Elysia. Once Alisha departs back home, Sorey and Mikleo have a short clash with a Hellion called Lunarre and fearing for her life, they decide to leave the village in search for her. While looking for Alisha’s whereabouts, Sorey has an encounter with Lailah, a Seraphim of fire who is also a “Prime Lord” who grants him the power to fight the Hellions, thus making of him a Shepherd. After Sorey reunites with Alisha, who is revealed to be a princess to the Hyland Kingdom, she becomes his “Squire” to fight the Hellions by his side, and the party starts traveling the continent purifying the Hellions and searching for the main source of the malevolence that plagues the land, the individual known as the “Lord of Calamity”. 18/100 

Tales-of-Zestiria 6.jpg


The game is pretty jam packed with content you have a very long story mode which is about 441/2 hrs long with a bunch of characters you also have alisha story which is a good while too and is very interesting and there is also quite a lot of side quests to do. If you set your game on hard the game could take you longer and to complete the whole game its about 211 1/2 hrs which is pretty damn amazing 80/100



The Controls are great but they can be quite complicated for beginners the weird camera is very confusing and is very annoying and it literally took me 4hrs before i figured out how to use artes and no i am not new to the tales of series. 70/100



The game is very mediocre it has the 2nd worst battle system out of any tales game number 1 would be tales of legendia. The unusual and confusing camera does not help like what were they thinking when they added the weird camera to the battle system. The FPS can drop when your in a battle and there is no excuse to why this game isn’t 60FPS to be honest i feel the ps3 is holding back the fps on this game like seriously its not like the graphics are amazing. You are forced to use 2 out of 4 characters like come on i don’t want to use Rose and Sorey all the time. 16/100 


Verdict – 395/700 = 56%= 


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